October 1, 2013

Suppression Of The Truth To Keep You Sick And Take Your Money

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are enjoying my current vlog series, “The I-WE-ALL Of Relationships”.

I’ve been very busy with my work and it is often challenging to create the kind of public education I feel inspired to share, which has resulted in me generating less blogs each week. I have been doing my best to make them rich and meaningful enough to give you something to meditate on and practice between blogs.

I hope this is working for you as you apply my tips.

I didn’t have any intention of writing a blog today because my schedule is packed, but when I saw this email from What Doctors Don’t Tell You, I felt compelled to share with you. Here is what I read this morning:

Hi Paul Chek,

The day may soon be approaching when you won’t be able to buy your copy of What Doctors Don’t Tell You in the shops across the UK.

Today, The Times added its weight to Simon Singh’s long-running campaign to stop supermarkets and stores stocking the title.

Although virtually none of the comments in the article are accurate—and The Times correspondent didn’t even approach us for our views—supermarkets and newsagents may take the easy way out, and stop taking the title.

We shall continue to publish the magazine in its current format, but you may not be able to buy it in the shops much longer.

To make sure you get WDDTY delivered to your home every month, please subscribe!

To do so, please follow this link:www.wddtysubscribe.com


If you are not familiar with Lynne McTaggart’s magazine in electronic or print version, it is truly an excellent resource for people who want to learn to keep themselves healthy, and learn about natural and alternative medical approaches.

She is the editor for What Doctors Don’t Tell You, and the author of a book of the same title.

This book is a shocker. When you read what research actually shows to be the facts about many medical treatments, from chemo and radiation therapy for cancer, to cholesterol lowering drugs, to a variety of other drugs and surgical procedures, you are certainly likely to reconsider the integrity of the white coat!

If you are an American, you will probably begin to question the integrity of the “White House” along with the “white coats”, since they are the ones in this country that broker what I refer to as “organized crime” – we don’t have a White House – we have a corporate headquarters…

If you want to subscribe to a magazine written by a very conscious team of people led by Lynne McTaggart, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been writing for this magazine for many years, and wouldn’t do so if I didn’t feel aligned with their message and the integrity of the people behind it.

Lynne McTaggart is not only a very knowledgeable woman, she is a great writer. She wrote one of my favorite books called, “The Field”.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand how the universe works and how our minds work, and much more.

She also wrote a an excellent book titled, “The Intention Experiment,” Which explores the science behind “intention.”

We are now in the day where it’s almost illegal to both take care of yourself, and be healthy – even with the best of intentions. We must all begin to be more active in voicing our opinions about what is, and isn’t effective government, and what is and isn’t the territory of government and big industry.

When it becomes illegal to choose your own supplements, grow your own foods, and drink the water of the land you live on, it’s time to wake up and take action before you are total control bots that only respond to the governmental strings pulling you where they want you for big profits, which equate to YOUR LOSSES.

I hope you explore Lynne McTaggart’s work, she is not only a friend but an amazingly thoughtful and wise woman.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek