July 18, 2011

SOUL UNION ~ THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE Part 5. Conclusion: Putting It All Together

Hello and Happy Monday to All!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did!

Friday, I had a great massage. Then I met with Jordan Hetrick from Liquid Edge magazine for an interview on surfing as a practice for Body~Mind~Spirit development.

After that, I went home and relaxed into a piece of art. After sitting with my art for a few hours, I began a new stone formation. I continued my art Saturday, as well as my rockwork.

Saturday afternoon, Penny and I went to see Jesse Campanaro get married. His new bride, “Blithe” is a beautiful girl who’s a great match for his spirit. I met Jesse when he was 12 and worked with him through his high school and college athletic career. I couldn’t help but feel my age as he was getting married. It’s funny how fast time goes by!

Sunday I had an absolutely lovely day of doing nothing!no plan!just whatever rose out of me was welcomed.

I had a vision to create an oracle for the upcoming CHEK Conference. I spent several hours drawing it and look forward to sharing it with you once I’ve finished it.

I also finished my new stone-generator. This was the first time I’ve ever managed to build a stone-frequency generator in one go without the whole thing crumbling down several times, so that was exciting.

The energy it produces is amazing. It creates an energy just like a human heartbeat and stimulates the stone towers to broadcast that beautiful energy into space as a gift to all in space.

I also enjoyed watering my little fig tree that I planted several months back, as well as my little lime tree. It’s fun to develop a relationship with the plants and trees. By watching and interacting with them, I’ve learned to tell exactly what they look like when they need water.

Today I will prepare my next Monthly Message and Q&A with Paul for www.chekconnect.com, which you are welcome to “chek out” any time you like.

The Monthly Messages are free and you can subscribe to Q&A with Paul for a very reasonable price. In Q&A with Paul, I answer people’s questions from all over the world to help them better understand life and care for themselves.

We have a lot of subscribers so there must be some gems in there or they’d stop coming back each month. I do my best to give practical advice instead of a bunch of theories, so I suspect that anyone willing to take part in their own healing can find some direction and tools to use there.

Well, that’s my little story. I hope your weekend was restful and peaceful. Today, I’d like to finish our series on Soul-Union, The Ultimate Spiritual Practice.

SOUL UNION ~ THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE Part 5. Conclusion: Putting It All Together
The drawings I’m sharing today come from an excellent book titled Space, Time and Self, by Norman Pearson. I use his book and diagrams to teach many of my CHEK Level 4 students about their life and calling and find them very useful for explaining the life process.

Space, Time and Self is an excellent book that mixes a traditional scientific view point with metaphysics to explain the life process.

I chose it because the teachings are in line with my own personal experiences and the book is adequately science based to nourish the minds of the intellectuals suffering from the “I Know” mind and/or fear of the unseen.

I like to remind the “prove it” people that no scientific investigation has ever proven with any objectivity what-so-ever what love is, yet even the most hard core Newtonian scientists all know and desire love in their lives!

My observations of people at large has shown me that those that choose not to believe anything until it is “scientifically proven” miss out on the opportunity to prove things to themselves by participating in the experiences offered them by life and the many teachers all around us. By the time sciences proves “love”, such people may have lived most of their life waiting, not living and loving!

That’s fear’s face, full on.

In the diagram above, we are shown that the soul can be likened to the hub of a wheel in that it does nothing, but is the epicenter of all action.

Pearson shows (Box C.) that what we think of as life in time are actually illusions of motion. This concept has been proven true by quantum physics, which shows, for example, that light doesn’t travel from here to there.

Light is a wave function (until we collapse the wave function creating particles with our desire or intention) and light emerges from the apparent movement of the waves. An example often given to explain this phenomenon is placing some corks or a float in the ocean.

When you watch the corks or float bobbing up and down in the waves, it creates the appearance that they are moving. Yet, on closer inspection, the corks haven’t come any closer to, or further away from the shore than when you started the experiment.

The aether (or ether) creates the sea, while all things created by entanglement (tai-chi) exemplify “corks”.

If you reflect back for a moment on my concept of the merry-go-round, you may remember that I suggested that no matter how fast the merry-go-round is spinning, someone sitting directly over the axle will be stable enough to hold a camera and take photos, while those on the outside are about to be flung off.

MAYA is the name given to exemplify the illusion of all time-space phenomena.

If you now look at the lower box labeled “D”, on the left side, the wheel of life (which rolls infinitely until one reaches Soul-Union) is rolling forward in time.

The black dot with the “X” above it represents the point of physical birth.

The red area in the upside down triangle represents the path of the X-point on the wheel of evolution.

The roll of the wheel is such that it makes it’s journey from birth to death in an average of 72-78 human years. Where you see the arc of the right side of the red triangle ascending into the blue represents birth in the afterlife.

Notice how much longer that period is relative to the red area signifying each physical life.

In this diagram, Pearson addresses a common question among both spiritual seekers and those of Darwinian persuasion.

Above in box “A”, you see the heading “PSYCHOGENESIS”. This word means evolution of the mind or psyche. Below in box “B”, you see the word “ANTHROPOGENESIS”, which means evolution of the body.

Here, Pearson is bringing light to an issue that confuses even the most regarded of preachers, gurus, and teachers of the religious and spiritual paths; how do you get from animal to human?

What Pearson is highlighting with this diagram is that there are two simultaneous paths of evolution taking place on earth.

One is the physical path of the evolution of body plans from the simple to the complex creatures that we represent. The other is the path of evolution of the minds of all such creatures. Once man reaches the stage I’ve described as the birth of the “Awareness-soul”, he begins developing his mind at a much faster rate than any body-plane (or genetics) can develop.

Yet, the evolution of the mind can’t take place without the tools of experience.

Paramahansa Yogananda explained in his teachings that the average human being will have reincarnated about 8 million times in the lower kingdoms before acquiring their first human body.

One could logically see that as the complexity of our body-plans develop over time, so too does the complexity of our mind. A dog’s mind is much more complex than a salamander’s mind and a human mind is much more complex than a dog’s mind.

As we evolve, we become more awake to the relationship of mind and causation.

A dog has little awareness as to how storms occur, but with a much more expanded level of human awareness, we explore the causes of storms and can make decisions we probably couldn’t if we were dogs.

In the top left hand corner of the diagram (box “A”) you see “Atma Buddhi Manas”, which means Atma/soul, Buddhi/Love, Manas/mind; the evolution of the mind into awareness of the truth of Love, which is your soul.

An essential take-home point of awareness here is that once you become aware of what love is, what the soul it, it is completely your “choice” to cleans, and reorient your (ego) mind toward what is ultimately REAL.

In this diagram, you can also see why I differ from many of the sages from antiquity with regard to the importance of caring for the body.

Many sages, particularly of Eastern traditions, shun the body as evil, as a distraction, as something to shed like a bad habit. Yet, as this diagram beautifully depicts, your experience of life comes by the marriage of body – mind – and Spirit.

Just as a racecar driver’s mind may be fully functional and ready to win the race, his/her mind is limited by the health and readiness of their racecar. If we ignore our obligation to take regular pit-stops and keep the body well tuned and lubed, we can never reach our mental-potential because of constant limitations and distractions emerging from a failing body.

The body and mind are as two sides of a coin, and the soul is between them, allowing All to occur. Without the soul, body and mind would collapse into each other, becoming nothing other than meaningless vibration.

In this diagram, Pearson is showing the typical path of human evolution offered to each of us in each lifetime.

You will notice that the stages of development come in seven-year stages. This is not meant to be concrete, but is an expression of the natural tides of body-mind evolution. Each stage corresponds to the seven-chakra system of Hindu metaphysics.

I have investigated these stages of development extensively, as well as studying several other such systems. I’ve found that there is adequate evidence to support most of the different models, be they Egyptian, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Cabala, or otherwise. It really boils down to how many slices you want in the pie of life; no matter how many times you slice the pie, “it is still one pie.”

I’ve stuck with the Hindu seven-chakra system because I find it simple and effective, thought the Chinese system of three chakras is simple and works well too.

The diagram is essentially informing us that there is an end means for each stage. I will briefly highlight the stages and their end-means here:

0-7: Our parent’s function in the first seven years of life is to teach us what creates safety and security in life. They do this more so by their actions, and less so by their words. The child will emulate their parents, often unconsciously, until they reach the awareness stage of soul development. (PPS Lesson 2 Teaches you how to enter into this process for yourself).

7-14: This is the stage where we become aware of our sex identity and how that relates to functions in the family, tribe or society. We also enter into the exploration of our sexuality.

Here, we learn to manage our own emotional energy; we are moving out of childhood and into adolescence which requires that we take responsibility for our feelings and don’t expect “parents” to come at our every beck-and-call.

This stage is also when we become more aware of the flow of time and how to manage ourselves such that we work with time, not against it. People with adrenal gland issues are essentially displaying a potential programming deficit from this stage of their development, as an example.

14-21: This stage represents the development of one’s self-will or self-esteem and is all about getting clear on what your contribution to the family, tribe and society will be.

In most tribal cultures, this would have either been a trade your family was already practicing, or, a chance to explore your loves.

This stage is essential because the ego-formation should come to a functional close in this period, just like growth plates do in children.

People with imbalances in this stage of development often suffer self-esteem challenges and can feel lost in the world. Unsure of themselves or even who or what they really are.

21-28: This stage is where we master loving self and other. By now, we should be well into our individual life and contributing to society. We should have the mental-emotional development, and enough support from family and teachers or living examples as to what love is and how to cultivate it.

All issues of giving and receiving love can have an etiology in imbalanced prior development, but we usually begin become painfully aware of our imbalances in this stage of development. Breast cancer is a common side-effect of imbalances that manifest in this stage of development.

28-35: Development of our communicative, self-expressive, and creative faculties is the theme here. By now, we have a lot of life experience and would have been considered an elder by tribal standards.

In modern society, most people would reach a managerial position in this phase and would certainly have plenty of opportunity to find their imbalances with regard to the issues of communication and creation. Many relationship problems and blockages to creative flow that result in depression and apathy manifest here, but are largely the fruits of unresolved imbalances from prior stages of development.


35-42: Now, our life stages (if we are balanced in our development) turn from the end means of acquiring life experiences and skills to sharing or teaching life skills from our own authentic experiences. We now are taxed with living as an example of an effective communicator and creator for others to emulate. We also further our own potential and gratify our own curiosity by continuing to allow ourselves to flower.

42-49: Now we are offered the opportunity to share our wisdom with regard to giving and receiving love. Many will now be grandparents, which is the most important time to have, and share these qualities.

49-56: Now we work to teach younger people how to effectively use their minds and contribute to family, tribe and society.

56-63: In this stage, we are now slowing down and adjusting our own rhythms. Many find Tao here because their body-mind slows down and rushing comes at a cost. Here, if we are on schedule with our potential unfolding in life, we become a living example of “zen” – the most efficient way.

We now have ample functional wisdom to see, in an instant, where people’s follies and misperceptions are distorting their experiences of time and emotional flow.

63-70: We now complete our cycle of this human life. Our task now is to find Ultimate safety and security through Soul-Union. We must accept that our body will die sooner than later and we will enter The Mystery.

This is the time in many traditions where people retired from the work world and went full time into spiritual practice so they could avoid unnecessary bondage in Maya in the afterlife.

As I’ve highlighted throughout this blog-series on the soul, and in several previous blogs, we radiate our choices and judgments into our outer-environment via our energy field.

Here, Pearson shares artistic renderings of what a clairvoyant can see in anyone’s field. I only share these with you because they are “authentic” based on my own clairvoyant experiences.

Many books written by this or that metaphysical, religious or spiritual teacher do not represent what I see and experience. I only share books or teachings that are congruent with my own personal experience because that’s the only means of objectifying an experience I have; belief is seldom objective, but is typically the result of programming.

The key point I’m hoping to get across here is that is it very human to be side-tracked by fretting over what “he said, she said, you woulda, coulda, didn’t!”

These are all classic ego-follies and demonstrate a lack of “awareness”.

Many run around all freaked out about impending world crisis, the end of days (2012), Illuminati plots to take over the world, etc. This can easily put one into a state of self-imposed hopelessness.

Some become terribly side-tracked trying to stop war, famine, or by fighting large corporate interests. Though the typical “moral thinker” will see these as worthy pursuits of self-sacrifice, to the very degree that they are distractions from learning about the real truth of life and such follies, they are but further ego-games.

The world has been the way it is now for as long as we’ve had historical record. The only difference is that today, with cell phones and the internet, we all know who farted in Egypt before the stench clears their area.

We are drowning in everyone else’s dirty laundry!

The truth of the matter is, we can’t make any more change in the world around us than we have made within us. You can’t possibly give love you don’t have.

If we are sidetracking our own spiritual development (capacity to love self and others) by getting involved in side-shows, we are attempting to help others while wounding ourselves. If you can’t swim, and you jump into a river to save a drowning child and end up drowning yourself, have you accomplished anything of benefit to anyone at all?

Because our field is composed of subtle energy vibrations that are inextricably linked to All Cosmic Vibrations, the truth of the matter is that any legitimate steps we make to heal ourselves are broadcast to the entirety of humanity, just like a radio or TV broadcast.

We are each cells in the organism of Humanity; humanity is a cell in the organism of nature. Sick cells running around trying to create other healthy cells represents perverted, backward logic. It is a sign of ignorance and leads humanity into deep, unnecessary pain.

If each of us focuses on true spiritual Self-Realization, Soul-Union, then we become living examples that others can emulate.

Currently, society emulates movie stars, famous athletes, famous musicians, so-called religious leaders and politicians at large. Is that working for you,!for anyone?

In this series of images, Pearson shows us the difference in the energy fields of the average man and the highly developed man.

Below, he shows the primitive man, who’s ego-structure was very simple and similar to that of the higher animals, such as chimpanzees. The primitive man’s primary concerns are those of the animals at large; safety, shelter, warmth, food and procreation.

The average human’s field is typically colored with emotion and judgment.

As one practices Soul-Union, as I’ve briefly described in this series, the murky emotional charges dissipate. It is as though the dark rainclouds clear and the sky becomes more clear and beautiful.

The average man reads the weather report for tomorrow and believes it; s/he may go into a whole rant about how shitty the weather will be and why their life is going to be a bummer because of it!

The aware-soul simply notices it may rain tomorrow and knows that’s just how life works!reality – They do not involved themselves in petty emotional tumult.

It is, and has been my dream of this series to do my best to bring some light and understanding to many commonly misunderstood subjects and topics relevant to spiritual self-development.

Through the use of pictures and diagrams, and explanations of my own experiences, I’ve tried to give your mental faculty both images and logical explanations of what is quite mysterious to those that lack spiritual vision and/or perception.

Many scoff at teachers such as myself because what many are teaching is not yet “proven by science”. This position shows a tremendous lack of bravery.

If we all waited until scientists proved that water was wet, we, and our gardens would have all perished. When we get brave enough to “get wet” and formulate our own opinions based on our own authentic experiences, we often find that not only is science way behind the power-curve, but it’s often wrong.

We also have the experience of “knowing” through the use of our rational and intuitive faculty. Good farmers “know when it will rain and when it won’t”, they don’t need a meteorologist to tell them how to farm. And, they know they are better than the meteorologists with all their so-called “science” from their own experiences.

As Shankara beautifully highlighted:
(in paraphrase) There is no use reading scriptures until one has become enlightened. And once on has become enlightened, there is no need to read scriptures.

Each of us has the opportunity to find “teachers”. A real teacher is akin to a seeing-eye-dog and a real student is akin to a blind man to the real teacher.

When you are walking blind, you can either be stoic, heroic, or ignorant and bang into your ego and it’s shadow choices over and over again your whole life long, or choose a seeing-eye-dog (teacher).

The only way you will ever know if a teacher is legitimate is by practicing what they teach you.

Paradoxically, the students that need the teacher the most, listen and practice the least, constantly trying to convince that teacher that what s/he sees “isn’t there!” I know this folly well.

You will never know if I’m an idiot, crazy, or if I’m sharing wisdom with you until you become brave enough to try becoming aware of what love is and how love works in your life and the lives of others.

All I, or any teacher can share is what has brought them peace of mind and inner safety and security.

I know for sure that my soul answers all my questions, all the time. If there’s any misunderstandings, they are not because of a lack of the presence of God in my life, but a lack of my own willingness to slow down and be present with Great Spirit.

May we all learn, live, love and grow into well-being together.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek