June 13, 2011


Good and Happy Monday!

I hope this finds you all well.

I hope you enjoyed the series on life and death and that if nothing else, it gave you a chance to be more present with your own thoughts on such issues. Often, such discussions spark lively debates among friends and family members, giving each other an opportunity to come to know each other better.

Such discussions often demonstrate my point that belief = perceived reality, and highlight how quick people are to believe things because others do, not necessarily because they have any objective experience of their own; if most people are afraid of death and think they may burn in hell, such beliefs spread like wildfire. It certainly keeps the human condition interesting to say the least!

Saturday, I took the day off at home to rest. I did a couple pieces of art, which is always gratifying for me.

I felt like some active expression so I went to my rock garden and recreated my previous stack. I had to “recreate” it because I was building another stack just to the left of the new stack you see here in my image and unfortunately, it fell over.

When it came down, it hit my tall stack and down she came with a thunderous crunch. The noise was so loud, a neighbor came to check and see if I was OK. First time that’s ever happened. I was a little bummed because it was the tallest stack I’d ever built, but remembered to keep to my “unbound play ethics” and took the opportunity to create something new.

Before I move on and share some beautiful art by friends and students, I thought I’d share a lovely little book titled The Beginner’s Guide For The Recently Deceased – A Comprehensive Travel Guide to the Only Inevitable Destination, by David Staume.

I’ve read a variety of books on the topic of understanding death, but this is one of the few that is in accord with my own experiences.

I feel this book is a beautiful offering to share with anyone who’s either approaching death, or knows someone grieving over the loss of a loved one. Understanding the death process can be very healing, and helps people avoid a lot of unnecessary pain that comes largely by projecting their own fears and misunderstandings.


When I launched the PPS Success Mastery program in January of 2004, I included a variety of healing art exercises in the lessons.

As I began interacting with the students, reviewing their homework assignments, I was truly amazed at both the quality of the art many sent me, and how their art matured through the lessons. It has been truly amazing to see the change in my student’s art as they progressed through the lessons; it is like watching a time-laps video of a flower sprouting, budding, opening and meeting the sun!

Recently, I’ve had so many amazing art pieces from friends and students come my way, I felt compelled to share a few of them with you. So, let’s begin show and tell, shall we!

Donal Carr and his wife Cathy are two friends that Vidya, Penny and I really cherish. I clearly remember Donal’s first PPS Lesson 1 homework assignment. I thought it was a very beautiful, powerful expression of himself.

When I saw it, I asked him if he had any art training or prior practice with art. He told me that when he was younger, he’d been to an art school. He shared that due to the pressure put on him by teachers, he lost a lot of his desire to draw.

I’ve heard that exact explanation from others before, so I understood just what he meant. Once he started expressing himself artistically in his PPS lessons, it was thought the floodgates opened once again!and thank God for that!

Here you can see one of Donal’s drawings he calls “Avatar”. I love this drawing because this is very much what beings look like when I meet them on the mental plane of existence when I’m meditating or doing astral travel or remote viewing.

Thank you Donal for all your lovely creative expression!

Cathy Carr, Donal’s wife, is also an amazing artist. Like Vidya, her art is a beautiful expression of the feminine. I’m often amazed when I look at her art because she’s able to create what looks like and feels like worlds inside of worlds inside of worlds! timelessness in time.

Cathy is also a HLC3 Practitioner and yoga teacher. Her studio web site and the new site for CHEK Australia is www.placeofchi.com

Above is a photo of us in Donal and Cathy’s lovely space.

Have a look, particularly if you live in Australia so you can keep up with what we are offering there. If you want to meet these beautiful people’s presence, you can see more of their photos on their site.

While I was recently in Australia teaching HLC 2, I stayed with Donal and Cathy. They took me to visit their son’s Ryan and Josh at the Steiner school they attend. While I was there, I got to see the art the kids were creating and it was truly amazing to see what the children could do! I was quite impressed when I got to see the art their sons, Ryan and Josh had created as well. I could see that the artistic talent is in the gene pool for sure!

Thank you for all the love and beauty you share with the world Cathy and Donal!

Another talented student is Nestor Gonzalez who is a fun, aware man. Nestor and his son Jator have done a lot of training with the institute.

Nestor often draws while I’m conducting coaching sessions for PPS students on the phone, and sometimes while I’m teaching in class. Drawing helps him process his inner-experience. The art that he produces is truly amazing to say the least!

Nestor is a school teacher specializing in working with challenging kids. He’s definitely the man for that job. He’s got deep roots in spirituality, philosophy and all aspects of body-mind development and care.

He uses art with his students to help them ground themselves and open their creative faculties. I’ve had the pleasure of discussing the many ways he’s applied the teachings he’s gained from PPS coaching and his Institute training with his students. He always gives me a sense of hope knowing that there are teachers out there in the world helping our children grow into self-responsible human beings.

Here, you can see a picture of Nestor and his student Luis showing some of their art. Lovely Nestor and Luis! Thanks for sharing your love with the world!

The following amazing art pieces were drawn by our friend and HLC 3 Practitioner Kerry Gleeson.

Kerry and her husband Greg live in Australia too and often come visit me and Vidya when we are in Australia teaching.

Kerry is a very accomplished healer/intuitive and uses art as part of her healing work with people. She accesses the individual through spiritual channels and then intuits a unique art piece to aid their healing process. Her art is truly amazing!

I’ve been blessed to watch Kerry’s art mature into what I’d call fine art.

If you or anyone else you know is having a challenging time with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing and you think you may want to offer them a healing art opportunity, I can’t recommend Kerry’s work enough. She’s blessed with tremendous intuitive and medical dowsing skills.

I remember once when I was in Australia teaching, my neck was really acting up from all the travel and jet lag stress as well as from the stress of my lifting sessions. Kerry offered to do a healing on me. She took out her pendulum and accessed Spirit for me and it was as though a spirit healer had climbed right inside me.

I began seeing beautiful wave-forms made of light shining and moving within my body-mind. She gave me a lot of relief and it lasted for weeks, which is a lot better than most of the therapy I’d received for my neck along the way! Great Job Kerry! Thanks for sharing your Love with the world!

To reach Kerry for your own private healing art, email her at: [email protected]

Sven Hansen is a friend and one of my repeat Zero Force Coaching clients. Sven has done a lot of training at the Institute and uses healing art in his work with his clients. Sven has also found art a valuable tool for processing his own inner-world, as I have. Though Sven has sent me many beautiful pieces of his art, and his beautiful photography, I particularly like this one.

As soon as I saw it, I felt as though I was inside the Kaaba at Mecca, which you can see some photos I found below.

Thanks for sharing you beautiful art and photography with Vidya and I Sven! I feel good knowing that you are able to help people find themselves through healing art!

Another wonderful artist and friend (also In Australia) Jo Rushton is very talented. Here you can see Jo Rushton showing me some of the mandalas she created.

Jo is a very skilled HLC 3 Practitioner, healer and chef. She’s an amazing artist too! Jo is now in training with Donal Carr and I to become an HLC 1 instructor in Australia. Jo lives in Sydney and I always love visiting her whenever I can.

Vidya and I both enjoy Jo’s company and appreciate her beautiful art. If anyone in Sydney is looking for some good art, cooking or HLC coaching, you can’t go wrong with Jo! You can find her on the locator system at www.chekconnect.com Thanks for sharing your love and beauty Jo!

Jeff Brion who lives here in Laguna Beach, California and his lovely girlfriend Rosie attended one of my recent zen In The Garden workshops. They really enjoyed the experience and found their new love of stones!

Jeff and Rose are just now moving into a new home together and sent these photos showing how they are creating their own zen garden landscape. I really thought what they are creating is beautiful. Great Job! Jeff and Rose.

Jeff sent Vidya and I an email with the photos and in it, he was telling me that the people around his new home are very responsive to the stones. He was sharing this because I’d told him the story of how I’d never had any contact with my neighbors until I started doing stone work in my yard. Then they came out of the woodwork to express their gratitude for what I was sharing with the community.

Here’s a comment from his email to exemplify just how responsive people are to unbound play: Jeff writes:..

And WOW are the stones speaking! We have met 9 neighbors in this short time. People come by to see them and comment on how beautiful they are. We were out stacking stones Sunday night and a women came by with her son and dog and said, ” My husband told me I had to come see your yard and how beautiful the rocks are”. It has definitely been unique for the community. We watch people comment on it all the time. 🙂 —- It reminds me of Paul’s story about how he never knew any neighbor’s until he started the stone work. I laughed at that story a few times as people came up and introduced themselves.

We wanted to thank both of you for this introduction of stone stacking. We have been able to share it with quite a bit of people and even a few clients. 🙂 Everyone connects with it.

Thanks for sharing your Love Jeff and Rose!

Well, that’s it for show-n-tell today!

I wish I could share all the amazing art that’s been forwarded to me by friends and students. The reality is, I could make an amazing book out of it all, and maybe someday I will!

In the mean time, I hope seeing all this inspired beauty gets your creative juices flowing so you can spread the beauty and the love!

I will look forward to sharing more with all of you tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek