April 13, 2012

Repetition IS MASTERY IS Consistency

Good Friday to You!

I had a lovely day yesterday, I started with a lovely Vidya made breakfast of mixed vegetables and pan fried shark cooked on organic ghee. Very lovely!

After writing my blog, I drove to Riverside to have a steam and get a massage. Angie Lustrick gifted me with a massage by her favorite massage therapist; and yes, she wad good!

After that, I spent some time visiting Angie. We had fun doing art and tai-chi together. I drew the image you see below:


I hope you enjoy the Tao- Te-zen sutra for the weekend:

Repetition IS MASTERY IS Consistency


The stars do not ask for your help – they love ALL the same.

Water falls and rises in you – all the same.

The plants – the trees – they breath for you ALL – the same.

We feel ease and security when the roads, and all that brings life, remains the same.

TAO-TE-zen practice is repetition, is mastery, is consistency in the practice of bringing ALL that is Love – all that is life – to ALL – the same.

May we practice giving
The gift of love
Of life
To others
To each, and
To ALL the same.

May we all become like the sun, whose mutual, unconditional love of Mother Earth has created this most beautiful Garden delight where we can all learn to emulate our Solar and Terrestrial parents.

May we all become masters at seeing the rose in everyone and loving them masterfully so we can all drop our thorns together.

Imagine how beautiful a place the world will be if we each start now with a little effort to be more masterful, more consistent in our living and loving.

The Sun IS MASTER!the Sun IS there for us every day and every night; that IS Consistency!the Sun IS.

I find OSHO’s words in this regard inspiring: “Playfulness is a measure of intelligence.”

With that final thought, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of unbound play this weekend.

Love and Chi!

Paul Chek