April 9, 2013

Parasites Eat Your Excess And Your Deficiency

Happy Tuesday!

I’m taking the day off today; my new IR sauna is being delivered and so Penny and I will be setting that up and enjoying a steam. (I’ll give you my report tomorrow).

Yesterday I got outside for some rebuilding of a few of the stacks out back. It was a cold, rainy morning and by the time I got out in the afternoon it was just starting to dry out. It felt really great to challenge my body to move some heavy rocks in the chi-filled air.

Finished Stacks

In the image you can see the three stacks I rebuilt; I had a fun time before I showered and worked the afternoon with clients. I brought my invigorated self to my work which allowed me to be at the peak of my coaching.

I hope you enjoy my Tao-te-zen sutra today: Parasites Eat Your Excess And Your Deficiency

Paul Chek in his Garden

TAO-TE-zen practice is both a witnessing
And a welcome participation
In the ever-present transition
We call life.

In nature all things reflect the creator
By finding balance
Food left on the table invites guests.

There, aware or unaware,
We invite our guest who always seek to balance
In zen, any excess Is but a gift

Returned back to the garden
To feed all the little creatures.

In zen we accept
That imbalance creates deficiency
Which invites the parasites to feed
On the imbalance
Until harmony is restored again.

Zen is honoring balance and letting
All things come to their natural end
That is zen.

As I’ve stated in previous blog posts, a parasite is an opportunistic organism. Parasites are a balancing force in nature. Parasites are attracted to excess simply because excess leads to spoils.

In the human body, in the human emotional field, and in the human mind and mental field, all excesses lead to a burden.

Whenever we are physically, emotionally, or mentally burdened, we cannot process that which we have taken in effectively which results in stress at the level of the excess.

If you eat too much food, it overloads your organs of digestion and elimination and your entire body. The result is inflammation, hyper activation of the immune system, which increases your body temperature and causes an increase in the emission of infrared energy.

Parasitic organisms have been shown through scientific research by Phillip Callahani, and others, to “see” in the infrared spectrum.

What they (parasitic organisms) want to eat essentially glows infrared. The hotter your body becomes, typically the sicker you are once your leave the optimal working range for human function.

That slight increase in heat causes one to glow making you attractive to parasites whose function it is to transform waste into nutrition for the soil and for life itself.

The parasites also need to eat just like your do, therefore one who consumes in excess turns themselves into a picnic for parasites.

The process of a parasite infestation changes your internal biochemistry, your levels of acidity and alkalinity, and in a fairly short period of time the parasitic organisms can create an environment within you that is favorable for their existence, not yours.

The result is a progressive decline in health which often comes by way of energy deficiency and malnutrition because the parasites have eaten up what they wanted before you get it.

They live in your gut and each parasite has a favorite target organ that it bores into and buries its eggs leading to more and more inflammation, more and more heat, which invites more and more bugs.

To learn more about fungus and parasite infections see my DVD program: Healing from Fungal and Parasite Infections


Our mental and emotional bodies get parasites too. When we are emotionally over stuffed, we go into an emotional crisis of self.

If we are needy, we can become a parasite for others’ emotional energy by expecting them to make our lives better.

If we act as emotional parasites, often without realizing it, we are depleting others of their wellbeing out of our neediness, and sadly many people are not brave enough to communicate these truths honestly.

Therefore, they are perpetually exposed to parasites and often find themselves dealing with their own illnesses secondary to emotional parasite infections.

Their energy becomes depleted. Their capacity to love and connect becomes drained out of the necessity of self-protection. One who does not manage their emotions can exude emotional excess.

Somebody who has learned to cope with life by pretending to be happy, smiling on the outside when they’re crying on the inside, sadly invites parasites.

Those that cannot manifest their own happiness are often attracted to another’s manufactured happiness without realizing that manufactured happiness is “white sugar” in the emotional realm.

So those that manufacture artificial sweetener attract the bugs that cannot tell the difference between artificial sweet and natural, healthy sweet.

Therefore, those that are emotionally deficient go after those that appear to be emotionally abundant, yet the truth is the abundant person in this regard is deficient and is spending themselves in order to create an illusion to fit in, to cope.

As you can probably imagine, this creates a cycle that creates a downward spiral for everyone involved.

We have a tremendous problem with mind parasites. Anytime somebody implants an idea in your head that is not true, you are likely to run into some interestingly challenges in life.

Any idea that does not serve you or support the greater truths at large that we have discussed many times in the TAO-TE-zen Sutras are parasitic. Encouraging people to believe that things go better with coke is a very parasitic, dangerous idea.

Another mental parasite challenge emerges when those who have not learned to think effectively, creatively, logically, tend to parasite others who have that ability.

This results in parrot-like behavior, copying what other people are saying and doing yet without having any true authenticity or ownership of the knowledge or ideas.

This can be seen be looking at books written in lots of categories. Most books are written by authors that are parasiting others with authentic knowledge.

So you have people that masquerade as experts but really all they have done is cut and paste snippets from many other authors who may or may not have authentic knowledge.

In a very short time like a snowball rolling you have books being composed of books being composed of books beings composed as books.

What began five books ago as stolen knowledge is now parasited and the parasite typically want to put a spin on it to give their ego a sense of ownership, and so you have a tremendous transformation of information masquerading as knowledge being transferred from parasite to parasite.

Therefore those with authentic knowledge often endure the pain and discomfort of unhealthy plagiarism and it can lead to some pretty interesting emotional challenges for those that have done the work to master and use their mind, usually motivated by service to others only to find that their ideas—authentic ideas are being transformed into something far different than what they intended.

This is the plight of many great minds.

Those that are unwilling to think for themselves typically parasite those that can. Those that can think often suffer another type of parasite infection.

They over-rely on their head, which often leads to a disconnecting of the heart and the head. Therefore, information takes a life of its own yet lacks feeling.

One begins to deify information as more real that the experience of applying the information and therefore one manufactures a self of false truth with regard to the authenticity or effectiveness of the information.

This leads to challenges that are often confusing when one is unable to feel the effects of their actions based on information that is produced by those with disconnections between the heart and the head.

Typically such people begin to identify themselves in, as, and by their ability to produce large amounts of information and they ultimately parasite themselves by working their brain so hard the body cannot hold up the brain.

The body cannot manufacture enough energy to run this very, very inefficient organ that’s working day and night.

The brain of a person like this becomes like a small air conditioner unit in a house in southern Florida where the unit is working full-bore, day and night, which leads to much more breakdown and technical problems due to overwork.

The mind can literally collapse a person’s body and that would be a mental parasite infection, infected by ideas that become more real than life, more real than rest, more real than play, more real than the experience of the ideas.

This is the case of many of my executive clients.

I would just like to invite all of you to become aware of where the excess is and the deficiency is in your own life, and seek first to balance your own excesses and deficiencies knowing that everyone is watching.

The way we live is usually a better teaching force than telling other people that what they’re doing is wrong. Though we may see the excess and deficiency from our Zen perspective, it is usually ineffective to impose upon somebody, informing them of our so-called view of their excesses or deficiencies.

When people see us cultivate our own happiness, health, vitality, and balance by living in a balanced way, they naturally want to emulate our behavior because it is natural for people to want to be healthy, balanced, and whole.

Through awareness we can rid ourselves of those parasites that rob us of vital chi. So as our practice, let’s share the ways in which we’ve identified our own imbalances, our own excess and deficiencies and how we consciously sought balance through our own actions, our own words, and our own deeds starting today.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek