April 11, 2013

One with One = Together

Happy Thursday to you!

Yesterday was a busy day with clients and I had a fantastic PPS Coaching call in the evening. It seems as if each day goes by in a flash, so much to do and many to help.

I’ve had an amazing day so far. I’ve had the quiet space to work on my project outside in the glory of HEAVEN!

The hawks and ravens have been flying above, the breeze soothes the heat of the springtime sun and the lake below offers yin calming energy within me. All I can say is this environment truly facilitates deep thinking/feeling process inside me. I am very grateful.

I hope that you enjoy this little zen gem: One with One = Together

One With One = Together

One with One = Together, informs us that whenever we are together with any other, there is a doubling of intelligence, resources and an awareness of the importance of sharing – team work.

This is in accordance with the mastermind principle, which suggests that whenever two people get together for a common objective, a third mind is created of the two of them.

The third mind is the collective synthesis of two. Whenever the collective mind serves the whole, all benefit, be it directly or indirectly.

1 + 1 = I & I Apart, informs us that whenever two people or more get together, yet assert their individuality, the mastermind capacity is divisional – lost.

Now, we have egos jockeying for individuality, praise, power, or righteousness. In such arrangements of individuality, individual egos limit the creative opportunity to that of the dominant individual.

Though some may gain something from such interactions, the potential growth of all involved is retarded to the degree that the creativity of others is stifled.

This sutra highlights the importance of honoring and cultivating a cooperative “mind set.”

The talents of others are often hidden or suppressed, yet when we offer effective leadership or become willing to explore the contributions of others, each individual is included in the process of co-creation.

Through co-creative expression, we all learn to be more for each other.

That is zen.

“Universe” means “One Song.” In the Universe, all that looks to be “apart” is truly a togetherness—just as the flowers, shrubs and trees appear to you as individuals, together they make a garden.

Rams in their male individuality will lock horns in battle—ultimately to ensure the crucial growth and development of the herd. Mother bear scolds her cubs individually so they become “One” with nature—togetherness is their survival.

Zen practice is to cultivate your individuality to bring strength and unity to a larger whole. In doing so ask yourself, which unity can you do less with to complete your wholeness?

Is it your family?

Is it your business or your co-workers or is it your country?

Or is it the world in which we build our dreams together?

Zen is simply to remember that healthy individuality is essential for learning responsibility and self-reliance.

This means that one who practices zen makes an honest effort to do their part. To do so also means we learn to embrace union with others so that co-creation can be experienced and enjoyed as wholeness.

How may we live this sutra?

We are invited to look honestly at all of our relationships and see where they may be lacking in healthy individuality; where there is need for more coherent participation as an individual and collective whole.

Zen participates as an individual. Where there is more creative opportunity through unity, zen individuality holds its strength in collective creation.

By practicing zen in this way, any two together creates a third mind—the mastermind.

Through the mastermind principle, we all learn, grow and create above and beyond the potential that exists in the ego-principle individuality alone.

Zen practice of individuality ultimately brings any sum together for the betterment of the whole; wholeness is zen.

Let’s practice Living zen together.

That is zen.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek