March 28, 2014

My Life Is My Message!

Happy Friday!

I hope you are all ready for a great weekend.

I hope you take time to explore your irrational self-expression. Flatland is where we end up when we try to hard to be like everyone else…

My Life Is My Message!

Today, my vlog expands on an amazing quote by Gandhi, who said:

“My life is my message.”

Today, I encourage each of you to ask, “What is my message?”

We are each living out themes that ultimately lead to conscious awareness of our wholeness.

Is your life an exploration of love, creativity, courage, justice, perseverance, wisdom, empathy, compassion, honesty… All life paths produce the necessary challenges and pains necessary to create “Awakening”.

Cosmic Gardener 2
I drew this picture while meditating on what my life message is. My life message is about reconciling opposites; about finding complementarity where others see opposition.

My life is about learning to love myself and others more honestly and fully.

My life is about sharing the wisdom of life on earth, and how Mother Earth is constantly reflecting our choices back to us.

You want to poison the water to make fossil fuels (you don’t need) for money…no problem, you will drink that water.

You want to farm animals unethically and have your earth poisoned by massive amounts of sewage and dangerous chemical run-off…no problem. You will eat that food and drink that water.

You want to cut down the rainforest so you can plant more commercial crops and loose the resources and disrupt the balance of the biosphere…no problem. You will probably be here when Mother Earth’s immune system kicks in and she shakes, rattles and rolls herself back into balance…

You want to worship a scary God you say is “Love”, and then bomb the hell out of others with differing religious views… No problem. When one man gets beaten in a fight by a man with a bigger stick, he naturally shows up next time with an even bigger stick than you have, and all the while, GOD is dead within you, while your God guides you deeper and deeper into your story so you eventually get the punch-line.

We are all a gift to each other, if for no other reason than to create “awareness”.

My life is my message, and yours is too.

The Divine Mirror is always reflecting our story back to us, and we become adults when we take responsibility for what we create each day.

This weekend, I invite you to meditate on your life with the question in mind, “What is my life-message?” What is my story, and what is the gift of my story to the world and myself?

Once you realize that you can edit your story, change rolls, and redirect your own script, then joy often reemerges and more love and beauty naturally shines through you.

You know you are on the right path when your story leaves your heart open and you feel connected to the world.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

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Have a great weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek