December 18, 2013

Muscle: Function or Dysfunction?

Happy Wednesday to You!

I hope your day is going beautifully.

I’ve been busy as a beaver, but took the time to do a lovely pushing workout yesterday. The sun was so warm, I got a tan just in the time it took me to do six sets of kettlebell push presses outside. Lovely!

Please don’t tell anyone what California is really like. We already have too many people here that can’t drive in the rain 🙂

I’m quite excited because I start a much-needed two-week vacation as of Friday! I’m gong to enjoy my library and gym here at my Heaven house, visit with friends, paint lots, lift stones, eat great food, sauna, and enjoy having no schedule!!


I will be offering our monthly CHEK Institute webinar in about an hour. The topic is understanding the states and stages of completion.

Many have a hard time creating what they want, or achieving goals in their life because they don’t understand the nature of the creative process. I’ll share my knowledge in that regard. The webinar should help people understand how to create more effectively in their lives.

To sign up and join in, click here:

Muscle: Function or Dysfunction?


Today in my video, I explore a variety of ways anyone can determine whether their efforts for building muscle, and/or strength are productive, effective relative to their stated goal, dream or objective.

My video will surely give those that like building muscles and strength an expanded perspective, and hopefully help them learn how to make their gym time more efficient. I cover this topic more in depth in my DVD correspondent or online course: Program Design.

Those wanting to dive deeper are welcome to purchase my more advanced course titled, Advanced Program Design. As I share in the video, this is an advanced course and is likely to be too complex for those that haven’t yet completed my more basic course, Program Design.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek