June 4, 2014

Miraculous Living Pt. 4/4: Living in Harmony and Equanimity

Happy Wednesday to You!

Well, I’ve been totally enjoying living without a schedule!! My rhythms are just now balancing out after being in Australia for three weeks and home for two!

Today, I finish my little series on Miraculous Living, and share some highlights of what I’ve been up to since my last blog while on vacation.

I will also share a beautiful piece of art given to me by Jo Rushton, CHEK HLC Instructor from Sydney, Australia when I was just there.

By the way, check out Jo’s new book, “Rocket Fuel On A Budget”. It’s great and teaches families how to eat the CHEK way on a low budget. Very needed and a beautiful book indeed!

Miraculous Living Pt. 4/4: Living in Harmony and Equanimity
Miraculous Living Pt 4 blk bd
In my vlog today, I finish our mini-series on how to become a Supramental being; Supramental beings are typically those that have mastered the abilities I describe in the series and in the image above.

The fourth quality identified by Sri Aurobindo as commonly expressed by Supramental beings is: The Power of Harmony and Equanimity

In my video below, I give a pretty comprehensive lesson on how to create harmony and equanimity in our lives. I also explain how karma = conditioning, and go deeper into what karma is.

I reference Amit Goswami’s book, “The Physics Of The Soul” and encourage you to see his teachings on karma from a quantum physics or “Consciousness” perspective.

I finish my video with four tips for creating harmony and equanimity in your own life.

I share these experiences with you after years of practicing them, which gives me confidence that they will help you just as they have helped my many thousands of students worldwide.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today!

The Peaceful Warrior, by Jo Rushton, Chek HLC Instructor

Jo Rushton is a very good friend of mine, who is also an HLC 1 Instructor based in Sydney, Australia.

Whenever I’m in Australia, I always make time to visit with Jo. She is a deeply spiritual woman, and an amazing artist, not to mention being an amazing chef, writer, and now TV personality!

Jo recently released her first book, “Rocket Fuel On A Budget”, which I highly recommend for those finding it challenging to live the way I teach in my books and advanced training programs while on a budget.

Paul and Jo R art
While I was recently in Sydney teaching, Jo and I visited and she gave me this art piece she drew for me as a gift. THANK YOU JO! I love it!

She gave me these words with it:

“The peaceful warrior – the embodiment of courage, honor, and compassion. He transcends the wounds of his people as he adds the light for those less illuminated. One who seeds to know and love thy self through his enemy and is best describes through the words of Orson Scott Card:

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.”

Jo finishes her card by saying: This mandala holds the understanding and the journey from that understanding to LOVE.

Thanks again Jo. I have placed it at the head of my bed. I now sleep with it at my head every night as a reminder of my potential to grow each day.

Lots of Love and Gratitude to you Jo!

Working with Stones

Stone Circle Heaven
Last weekend, Angie Lustrick, Chek HLC 1 and 2 Instructor (see: www.angiesworld.com) came to visit and learn to teach some new CHEK Institute workshops with me.

I’m very proud of Angie.  She will be presenting at THE Fitness Event of the Year, IDEA World Fitness Convention™, and is offering an exclusive presenter discount! Get $30 OFF your full or 1-day registration by using coupon code: PIPCA14+LUSTRICK. To learn more visit: www.IdeaFit.com

After we worked on her new course material for a few hours, we went out to my stone circle and had fun. This is what we created together.

Angie likes to get right at it. She was handling the big ones right out of the gate. I was impressed with the three stacks she built, all in the time I built the one in the center. Always fun to enjoy some unbound play with you Angie!

While Angie and I were going through her new course materials, Penny texted me and let me know she would be flying over my office house shortly.

Penny Fly Over Heaven

Angie and I went outside and tried to get a shot of her flying by. She’s the white dot that the red arrow is pointing to.

It was quite a cool experience to look up and see your wife flying by! I’m so proud of her. She’s been working for several months as busy as a bee studying and taking lessons and she’s now flying solo flights in preparation for her final flight test. She’s also studying instrument flying too. I’m looking forward to my first “outing” with her soon!!

zen garden Vista
Monday, I relaxed at home and built some rock stacks, and repaired others. I recently rebuilt my water charger too; it is the big cone shaped pile of rocks in the center of the image next to my tai-chi circle.

I have a lot of fun in my rock garden at home. The locals and visitors come and check it out often and many stop to take photos.

Its fun to see how people respond to rock sculptures, particularly when they realize there is no cement or anything holding them up!

Inner Union by Paul Chek

Well, I’m the proud Papa of a new painting that expresses my experience of Inner Union.

My favorite past time is deep inner-exploration. I find that art helps me express what I feel inside when I let go of my individual self, and merge into the Wholeness that gives birth, and life to individuality.

Angie Lustrick is a practicing Shaman/Healer, and we practice our skills together as often as we can. This painting symbolizes my inner experiences of practices Angie, my buddy Rory and I shared while Rory was here visiting.

There are two elephants meeting each other, who’s trunks end in the cheeks of my face. The eyes of the elephants are also the eyes of the World Soul, depicted as the Soul Bird, whose beak terminates in my brow chakra. There are two iguanas, represented as the female (right arm) and male (left arm). It was very interesting to hear from Angie that the strengths of the iguanas are the perfect counterbalance for the weaknesses of the elephant! I love balance!

If you are interested in Shamanic Healing with Angie Lustrick, you can contact her through her web site: www.angiesworld.com She travels a lot teaching HLC 1 and 2 for the CHEK Institute, but does do distance work and maintains an active waiting list.

Well, that brings you up to date with my life and offerings. I’m gong to enjoy every minute of my vacation.

I start work Monday, and have untold amounts of email and other tasks to get through on return. I will do my best to share blogs more frequently, and will try some “shorter topics” too.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek