November 18, 2010

Love Talk

Beautiful Morning today!

I hope your day is unfolding with peace and beauty in and around you!
I had a very productive and fun day yesterday. I was on the phone for five hours coaching people to the best of my ability. First was my weekly PPS coaching call. They are always exciting and the questions fun to address. I love helping people learn to see the majesty of life in and as Creation and the PPS practitioners are really motivated in that direction. Next, I offered the first of what will be an ongoing series of coaching calls for CHEK Practitioners. I answered many very good questions regarding patient cases. I also shared concepts for how to better manage business issues, such as marketing and developing an unique identify. Finally, I was on a guest on Sean Croxton’s very popular Underground Wellness radio show. Sean and I addressed a wide variety of questions from all over the US. It was exciting to help people find simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. I hope you enjoy the show!


Rabi’a is known as a major saint of Islam and one of the central figures of Sufi tradition – especially Divine Love. Her poetry is sword-like! She is much like Kabir in her teachings – straight to the point. I thought I’d share a sample from her beautiful book, Doorkeeper of the Heart – versions of Rabi’a by Charles Upton.

Rabi’s responds to a student (p. 39):
Sufiyan: (One who follows the Sufi path)
“This is my prayer: let God be satisfied with me.”

“How dare you pray that – when you are not satisfied with God?”

Need any more be said?!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek