November 25, 2015

How To Love Yourself! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Day to All!

I was coaching a PPS student today on my regular PPS student coaching call who mentioned that he’d seen a video clip where I described “How To Love Yourself”, which was also his question of the day.

While I offered a variety of approaches to identifying and healing shadow tendencies and behaviors as a means of learning to love himself, James Phelps, our Dean Of Education at PPS was able to find the video clip on line.

It turns out that some very creative being edited out my answer to a caller on Sean Croxton’s “Underground Wellness” radio show a few years ago and put some beautiful images together to “embody my message” in the video.

It was a deeply emotional experience for me to watch and listen.

It was deeply emotional for Angie too, as we listened and cried together. It was one of those special moments where my Legacy was yet again confirmed.

My voice and my message was a reminder that all the hard work, sacrifices, and personal growth over the now 32 years of my career have been worth it, and perfect.


If you know of anyone that is having a hard time loving themselves, feel free to share this video clip with them.

I hope it germinates the love-seeds that wait patiently in the hearts of all living beings for “some water”.


This video, and my answer to the caller’s questions are exactly what PPS Success Mastery training are all about.

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Wishing you ALL Love and Blessings this Thanksgiving!

Paul Chek