August 3, 2010

Home from Atlanta! Whew!

Whew! I’ve made it home from a successful, yet eventful trip to Atlanta Mania, Georgia. Unfortunately, the ticket agent at the airport here in Carlsbad (where I leave from) was having a gab session with the agent next to her and put someone else’s bag tags on my bag. The result!my bag went to Paris, France and I got a ladies bag with my name on it in Atlanta. After hours of phone calls, emails, attempts to locate my bag and get it sent back, I ended up waiting for three days before it finally arrived at my hotel. Not fun, but I did end up wearing Penny’s pants and the same underwear for long enough that even a Yogi would have considered me as a legitimate recycler!

My presentations and workshops all went very well and overall, people in Atlanta were genuinely interested in my teachings. I taught a pre-conference workshop and gave eight other lectures and workshops. Of course, there were a few who attended my lectures that were upset at me, and my message, but I’m very use to that as you can imagine. It’s very hard for people to truly hear my heart when invested in religious dogma, or when programmed to the degree that critical thinking isn’t possible. I simply have empathy for such people. My personal philosophy is that any philosophy worth living is worth challenging!

The highlight of my trip was getting to connect with several of the local C.H.E.K Practitioners and Holistic Lifestyle Coaches that attended the conference. They are such beautiful people and are so willing to learn and grow. I’m always happy when I see how significantly healthier the C.H.E.K Practitioners (of all types) are relative to others at health and exercise conferences I attend.

While in Atlanta, I visited Andrew Johnston and his wife Diane. You can see Andrew and I here in his beautiful Atlanta studio! Andrew is a C.H.E.K Level 3 and an HLC 3 practitioner, making him the practitioner with the highest training in Atlanta. It’s lovely to have him there so the other practitioners can send him their challenge cases and learn from him.

Andrew is an amazing man. He’s raced the Tour De France and the Iron man, and has many such elite athletic accomplishments to his name. A few years back, Andrew found out he had Leukemia. Though the survival rate from Leukemia is very low, Andrew applied his athletic persistence and everything he could learn from my teachings and others with good advice and has beat the odds! His story is very moving and motivational. You can visit Andrew’s web site at where you can order his DVD documentary: Living Is Winning – From Cancer To Kona, which is about his road to recovery.

Andrew is a real leader and inspiration to people worldwide. I was very impressed with his studio and am excited to be able to share his presence in Atlanta with any and all of you who may have friends or loved ones that need a skilled C.H.E.K Practitioners help.

You can reach him at:
Andrew Johnston
(404) 431-2287

I’ll look forward to sharing some excellent books I’ve read with you in upcoming blogs. Until then, may we all become the lover we desire to have!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek