April 20, 2012

Flowers Love A Window

Happy Friday to All!

I had a lovely day yesterday! I got a great massage and had a hot steam. I love those steams as they help me to detox and I feel great followed by a cold shower!

This is a piece of art I did symbolizing the Divine Mirror:

Today I am continuing to rest deeply, do some tai chi flow and eat well. I’ll be in bliss in my garden.

Flowers Love A Window  

For flowers, the sky is the
Window to the sun.
For the sun, the sky is the
Window to the flowers.

Are you windows clean?
Can your flowers
See the sun?

Is a flower growing in your “heart-room”
Make a window and watch
It will bloom.

Flowers love a gentle touch
The bees keep their eyes clean

They love it when
You kiss their petals too!

TAO-TE-zen practice is the hug, the touch,
The look, the very Love that opens the window
To the heart-room.

Your heart-flower blossoms in your garden,
In your goldfish, in your eyes
It wants to see the morning sky
To celebrate the evening
Each day gone by.

Zen is the flower
Simple and complete – as happy in your heart,
Or a crack in the street.

Zen is your breath
A simple breeze that fills the lungs
Of the flowers and the trees.

Breath zen.

To practice the sutra, Flowers Love A Window, remain conscious of the virtues and the graces of the seven flowers; consciousness cleans and opens the windows to nourish the flowers, bringing our inner-life into harmony with life around us, with the world.

The seven flowers to be conscious of (starting from the ground and moving toward the
crown) are:

1. Safety and security: polishing is an act of awareness; what do you need to feel safe and secure; can you distinguish between wants and needs?

2. Rhythm and Flow: sexuality and sensuality. What is an ideal rhythm for you?

As you polish this window, your energy and rhythms become balanced. Your rising sexual energy and willingness to connect and share love increases as the second window becomes clean and its flower blooms.

3. Personal Power and self-Will: “Self-reliance” polishes the third window. Polishing this window represents developing healthy Self-reliance; to cultivate union with your Higher-Self.

As we polish this window, the flower of self-love blossoms. The fragrance of this flower is represented as a healthy self-esteem.

4. Love from the Heart: As we polish each of the windows, we are expressing the most important form of love there is – self-love.

Only when we accept responsibility for our actions and ourselves can we ever love others authentically.

When we accept responsibility for ourselves, we accept responsibility for others, and naturally, we grow to accept responsibility for the world.

That is Love.

5. Creativity and Communication: Polishing this window means to be present with our creations, for all creations involve communication; we must first communicate authentically to ourselves, and then, and only then, can we communicate authentically to others.

When this flower opens, our words become less, more simple, and easily understood, even by children.

We learn to manifest beauty.

6. Super-conscious Co-creation: Polishing the window to the super-conscious comes by way of polishing the window to all the flowers below, for the light of novel creativity can only emerge from our own inner safety and security.

When we are stressed or afraid, we revert back to our protective tendencies, which are programmed into us by our parents and family; Are your parents and siblings enlightened?

If not, look carefully at the dust on your windows. Polish them through healthy self-awareness.

In so doing, your Self-Awareness comes into being producing vision. Vision reveals beauty.

When we see the beauty of the Super-Conscious Mind, we at once see the beauty of Self, in which we see all other beings.

Polishing this window nourishes the flower of co-creation, opening the window of the 7th flower.

7. Divinity: This is the window to Absolute Truth. When your windows are clean, your flowers in bloom, you come to appreciate the vast beauty and magnificence of moving Stillness.

Here, you stand in the garden of paradise, of Bliss.

You are home.

That is zen.

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek