March 7, 2014

Express Your Individuality In Unity!

Happy Friday!

I hope you are ready for a fun, playful weekend! I sure am.

Express Your Individuality In Unity!

Today, I draw my inspiration for my blog and video from “The Art Spirit”, by Robert Henri (p.133).

As I was reading in my Heathmate Infrared sauna last night, I came across this very beautiful passage:

“It seems to me that before a man tries to express anything to the world he must recognize in himself an individual, a new one, very distinct from others.”

In my vlog today, I share some of my thoughts and feelings about the dangers of getting caught up in social conditioning – trying to fit in – trying to be like others.

I remind my viewers of a very important statement by the one-and-only Albert Einstein:

“You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”

Express Yourself Paul
I LOVE being Me! I wouldn’t trade my identity, my unique individuality to be anyone, no one else in this world, regardless of wealth, fame or stature.

I share how Unity can’t exist as a functional concept without individuality. We are all unique expressions of the Whole, of Unity.

Express Yourself Blk Bd

By embracing yourself, by cultivating your unique identity, you can learn the true meaning of FREEDOM!

I share some of my favorite methods for cultivating individuality and I hope you enjoy exploring some of them.

The world is suffering from a population doing what they think they have to do to “live”, but the disease rates and mental illness rates among children and adults suggest that we are “working, but not living”.

Why die slowly when you can live fully!

If you want help breaking out of “The Box”, my PPS Success Mastery Lessons are specifically designed to help you find yourself, and your freedom!

I’d recommend starting with Lesson 1, then Lesson 2, and explore the individual lessons from there, choosing what suits your immediate self-development needs.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to “play!”

Love and chi,
Paul Chek