July 27, 2012

Eagle Stands Before YOU!

Happy Friday All!

Today, I”m taking the day to spend with a new friend, Arnie Nerenberg. Arnie is amazing! We co-wrote a book called the The Way of The Spiritual Warrior, which I hope to have available as an e-Book soon. Although this will be our first face to face meeting with each other, we are truly kindred spirits!

Please enjoy the following Tao-Te-zen: Eagle Stands Before YOU!

Eagle stands before you,
Master of the earth and sky.
You look up to see the eagle,
Yet the eagle always sees you.

Though eagle is a hunter,
Eagle worships the prey.

Though the eagle pups are born
Masters of the sky,
It is mother eagles gift,
To teach them how to fly.

Eagle sees the earth,
trails, and roads below.

When you’re not sure which way to go,
Seek the eagle’s company.

TAO-TE-zen practice is as the eagle,
Dancing in flight.

Playing, hunting, dreaming,
Yet never acting without sight.

Practice zen as the eagle,
Killing only what you need.

Living zen as the eagle teaches others
How to fly and feed,
She is the bird of justice,
And only meets her needs.

Knowing that over-consumption robs
Mother Nature of her seeds;
Fly, dance, dream, and feed.

Yet remember that in justice
You don’t hurt, should you bleed.

That is zen.

“Eagle stands before you” is a beautiful offering to take on the characteristics of the eagle as you live your day. It’s an offering to be a wise guide for those who are open to wise guidance.

It’s a reminder to be gentle to Mother Earth and not over consume; to be gentle to the creatures of the earth and not be unnecessarily destructive.

“Eagle stands before you” is also a reminder that as a human being, you have already passed through the evolutionary stages of the eagle on the way to becoming a human being, with regard to biological evolution.

Therefore, to the degree that the eagle is a master of the skies and of the earth plane, you already have access to that eagle wisdom within yourself.

To the degree that the eagle is a master hunter, you are equally capable of acquiring and meeting your needs and creating your dreams.

To the degree that the eagle is a masterful athlete, you are reminded of that potential within yourself. In TAO-TE-zen practice, eagles are a gift to humanity and to the world.

As many of you have already found out in your life, there will be those that don’t appreciate what is good for the whole because it takes away what is good for the particular individual or group of individuals.

They will often attack, and they may draw blood. Yet, when we live authentically and honestly as the eagle, we are not afraid of such minor issues for our focus is on the totality, on the wholeness and the truth of life.

Far better to die an eagle, than to die somebody that lies and cheats their way through life, manipulating other people and disrespecting nature and humanity at large.

I hope you enjoy taking each opportunity to be in the consciousness of the eagle for self and others. Be the eagle as you shop, be the eagle as you play, and you create.

That is zen my friend.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek