July 22, 2013

Dr. Quiet is Chief Physician!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I’ve been very busy for some time now and am happy my schedule is slowing a little bit because I can hear Dr. Quiet calling me in the daytime; this only happens when we are getting tired and need time to do nothing, or sleep.

Catching Up

Thursday, I finished my three-day consultation with my client Danne Ahlquist, from Sweden. We had a great time and made a lot of progress together.

Above, you can see mine and Danne’s mandalas symbolizing Danne’s second day of coaching with me. Danne is a great artist and it was lovely to share artistic expressions of our inner-experiences together.


On our last day together we went through a Family Matrix process that we could re-frame into healing energy and rewrite the script that had been contributing to Danne’s illness. Great breakthrough’s Danne!

Thanks for being such a Spiritual Warrior Danne!

Saturday, Mike Salemi came for his next assessment and program upgrade. He’s doing amazingly well!

We are now in sport specific conditioning, making our way progressively toward Mike achieving his Masters status in Russian Kettle Bell competitions.

Mike Salemi and Paul

We’ve got a few competitions listed that Mike is moving toward beautifully, and will give him his first live test in a month. We are both looking forward to that. Keep up the great work Mike!

Saturday was hopping busy for me. After I finished working with Mike Salemi, it was time to teach Natalya her training programs for the next month so that back in Russia she can continue progressing toward her dream to play injury free.

Natalia Training

She’s off to train with the European National Team for a month, and is now fully equipped with her rehab and conditioning program. Great job Natalya!

Nati & Boris Goodbye
Here you can see our final goodbyes. From the left is Boris’ wife and son, Boris (Natalya’s Trainer), myself, and Natalya Mammadova.

After being on the road for two months, Boris was feeling ready to head home to Serbia. We will both be working consistently with Natalia as she moves into her season.

Natalya had a lot to overcome this trip. Her family emergencies really made if hard to be consistent with her rehabilitation and conditioning, as well as being emotionally stressful.

We all worked together, including CI Faculty, Tomi Toles, who worked with Natalya and Boris while in NYC to keep her moving forward to the best of our ability.

I had a fantastic time working with Boris and Natalya. They are truly beautiful people with a genuine interest in sharing their best with the world.

Thank you for all your love and faith in my guidance while here working with myself and Vidya. We hope to see you again next off-season. Best of wishes to you both each day on your championship journey.

My Active Rest with Dr. Quiet

There are times in my life when it seems as though every moment of the day is accounted for. Sometimes, I have to be very disciplined to get outside and do my tai-chi, or to disengage from the work-a-day world to enter the sanctum of my own inner-world.

At night, as a form of active meditation, I often draw. My drawings aren’t always purposeful. Many of them are a means by which I practice detachment and just let my emotional energy flow onto the paper.

I find that by having time for unbound play, I feel much better and can cope with busy schedules more easily.

Here are some of my recent doodles:

Evening Doodle
This was just a fun download. My inner-state at the moment.

Owl Shaman
This was a vision I had of an Owl Shaman. Shaman often wear the headdress of other animals or mythical beings to create a mystical, magical experience for the subjects they are healing.

Sometimes, these displays are to get one out of their rational mind and into the irrational. This can be valuable for integrating the left and right brain hemispheres, as understood by modern shaman.

This was a little doodle that came rolling off my pen last night as I was watching a movie with my son (Paul Chek Jr.) and Rory.

It is essentially expressing the truth of Oneness that supports our perceptions of individuality.

I hope you have a lovely day today!

Don’t forget to get some time with Dr. Quiet, and some unbound play!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek