July 4, 2014

Dr. Happiness and You! Pt. 2/3 Emotions + 4 Doctor Kids

Happy 4th of July!

Today is a great day to learn more about how to have a healthy emotional life.

Today is also a great day to celebrate the fact that we have the freedom to choose how to live our lives and when we do, we impact others most positively.

Children are being effectively educated to understand how to care for themselves using my 4 Doctor model, as well as learning how to grow their own food and understand their intimate relationship with Mother Earth – I’ll share the exciting news below!

Dr. Happiness and You! Pt. 2/3 Emotions

Emotions are the feelings of our ideas, beliefs and experiences. The word “emotion” symbolizes “energy moving” in our body-mind.

When we look at the definition of “Mind” as defined by Daniel Siegel, MD, a psychiatrist I have great respect for, we learn that “mind is an embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information.”

Here we see that our mind (our thoughts) are “embodied” – they take place within us. We also see that mind is an embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information.

Energy and information flow through our body mind as a process. It is because we can both “feel” and interpret information/energy flow patterns as emotion that we can assign meaning to emotions.

For example, what we refer to as anger is an energy/information flow that typically comes with a heightened sense of pressure coupled with rapid thinking and reflex actions or behaviors.

A psychologist, neurologist, or psychiatrist with training in the interpretation of a variety of brain scanning and monitoring readouts could easily recognize wave patterns suggestive of a state of anger.

Our emotions are more than just feelings. They are an entire language of communication used by our body-mind to convey information that affects every physiological system in our body.

Our emotions are not just created by our thoughts either. Emotions, or emotional symptoms are common reactions to imbalances related to:

  • Our diet and nutritional status
  • Our biochemistry
  • Our organ, gland, or meridian systems, and
  • Our posture (static and dynamic structural support systems).

When you consider that “happiness” is a state of being that we are each responsible for creating, and maintaining, it seems wise to be aware of key factors that we must be aware of so we have the tools to create the inner-experience we want.

Dr H and U Emotional Happiness Pt 2
In my video blog today, I explore the five key factors that I feel are essential tools of awareness for effectively managing our emotions and creating the inner-state we choose to have. They are:

1. Love: I explain love as a code that underlies the creation of life itself. I then share that all emotions are rooted in two base emotional states:

  • Love, and
  • Fear

2. Relationships: Here I explain the importance of recognizing your parental, social, and cultural programming as a means of identifying which ideas and beliefs are authentic expressions of who you choose to be now.

3. Rhythms: I explain the essential nature of being aware of, and living in harmony with key rhythms that influence our body-mind state, and therefore, our emotions.

Examples I discuss are breathing, urination, defecation, circadian, lunar, seasonal, and annual rhythms.

4. Creative self-Expression: The importance of balancing our rational thoughts and activities with irrational thoughts and activities can’t be overstated.

We often worship the left-brain qualities or rationality and logic, only to become dangerously myopic and closed minded. The emotions that result from an excess of either the rational, or irrational polarities of the psyche commonly produce tumult.

5. Awareness: When we have awareness of our thoughts, feelings and our bodies feedback, we have what is first and most essential as a means of making positive changes.

Feedback in our body-mind that we are “aware of” is feedback that affords the opportunity to create the emotional stability needed to experience the creation of our dreams.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today:

Suggested Resources For Emotional Balancing and Healing:

1. How To Eat Move and Be Healthy – book

2. PPS Lessons 1-3 – online

3. You Are What You Eat! – Audio

4. The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction Obesity and Disease – MP3 Audio + Workbook

5. HLC 1 Advanced Training Program

4 Doctor Kids

Paul and Eliott and Eric Hulse
Eric and Elliott Hulse are “forces of nature” in the world of health, fitness, and education in their own rights (Elliott is on my right and Eric on my left above).

Elliott offers a lot of education to followers of a variety of types from those interested in maximal strength development all the way to those wanting to understand the great sages like Lao Tzu.

Eric is a schoolteacher who has also completed CHEK HLC 2 training and does an amazing job of teaching children how to live my 4 Doctor model.

In the video clips below, you will get to see them singing the Dr. Diet song, and showing off their amazing little garden plot!

Eric Hulse Kids 4D Club

It gives me a tremendous amount of joy to see my students applying the CHEK Institute teachings to their children, and the children of the world. Eric, you are truly and inspiration to all teachers!

If you look below at the message Eric sent me, you will find some links to recent youtube.com clips and a little newspaper article.

I hope you feel as much joy knowing that there are children being well educated and learning how to care for themselves and the world as I do when you see these beautiful video clips!

This is the message Eric recently sent to me to update me on his 4 Doctor Club and his kids:

“My kids absolutely LOVED it!

There garden turned out to be amazing! Better then my home garden. I joked that the school must of had “magic” soil because everything turned out so beautifully!

I ended up using Paul’s 4 Doc method to create the curriculum and each day we learned something new about the Doc. One girl even started to make connections between the Docs noting that Doc Diet effects Doc Movement and Doc Happiness which effects Doc Quiet. She earned extra points that day! 🙂

I had the kids make 4 Doc posters which were hung around the school and during the morning announcements, the kids educated the school about the importance of each one. My Principal was very impressed!

I’ve attached several links to Youtube videos I made with the kids explaining their garden and singing the Doc. Diet Song….We didn’t have enough time to learn the rest BUT they were excited to know there were more songs to learn in the future.

I’ve also attached a link to an article the local paper published on our club. The kids thought they were famous….it was very sweet! LOL!

I hope you guys have a great summer and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in the Fall for HLC 3!”



Dr. Diet Song:

Wellness Warrior Garden:

News Link: https://farmingdale.patch.com/groups/schools/p/woodward-parkway-elementary-students-become-wellness-warriors

To learn more about Eric, visit his website: https://erichulse.com/

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I’m participating once more in the upcoming 2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference with Marc David, founder of the Institute, and over 45 fascinating experts. That will go live for FREE, July 21-26. Check it out!

I hope you are enjoying my mini series on Dr. Happiness and You! and that you are empowered to take responsibility for your emotions through the tips I share above.

Have a great Holiday weekend and I’ll look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek