July 17, 2013

Day of Healing and Universal Principles

Happy Day to All!

I had a magnificent day working with a client who is here all the way from Sweden. Danne is a very aware human being and is very beautiful and easy for me to work with.

Sometimes when we find ourselves out of balance it is nice to take some “time-out-of-time” to spend time with Dr Quiet. This is exactly what Danne and I did yesterday.

We began our day together doing a long rattle and toning session in the stone circle to harmonize our bodies, minds and souls.

PC and Dan Ahlquist Rattling

We then spent some time in the afternoon indoors creating healing art together.

PC and DA Art Therapy

When we were finished we were both amazed at what we had created together. It really exemplifies the coming together of natural elements in balance with life!

PC Dan Ahlquist Mandala

Often when I’m working with clients I’ll have them create a mandala symbolizing their “I AM.” It had been a long time since Danne has done some free-style art. I was blown away by his ability to merge the elements of his love together in his mandala. Great job Danne!

Dan Ahlquist I AM Mandala

We fasted throughout the day drinking tea and concluded our day together with a delicious “Vidya” meal of fresh veggies and fish.

Today we will continue our journey together to further ground and optimize Danne’s body-mind healing.

Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle # 13

In the video below I share with you one of my own spiritual morning practices that help to set the intentional mindset for my day.

Arnold M Patent is one of my personal spiritual heroes and I’ve encouraged my students to read out loud a principle or any number of principles each day as they exemplify non-denominational teachings of the highest degree. Arnold is what I would call an enlightened western man.

I hope you enjoy my morning read and expansion on what I believe to be Arnold’s message as it pertains to my understanding.



I read from Universal Principles by Arnold Patent and Victor R. Beasley: Understanding Body (Physical) Signals.

“I respect and understand the spontaneous communications of my body. I listen to my body and I comprehend the meanings conveyed from my Higher-Mind to my rational-mind via my automatic body signals.

Our human body is a finely tuned instrument. It tells us at all times just how aligned we are with our purpose and with the Universe. When we notice discomfort in our bodies, it is helpful to look for ways we are withholding love, and express it. Learn to read your body consistently, for it reveals the state of your consciousness.” (1988)

I realize that this copy of Universal Principles is not quite the same as on his website. The one I read from came as a booklet/audio program that is part of Vidya’s collection.

I hope you are inspired as I am and apply Arnold’s wisdom to your own life. I know you will experience positive results body, mind and spirit!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek