June 24, 2013

Circle of One

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a a fantastic weekend!

Vidya and I spent the weekend getting ready for the CHEK International Faculty and Affiliate meeting and training, which we are very excited about. It is really wonderful for me that so many of my favorite people will be here with me in Heaven – for an entire week!

We were busy joyfully creating and we made some awesome gifts for everybody from things that came from the land here: stones, sticks, feathers, and a variety of other ornamentation and will share them in our opening ceremony together!


Here you can see how I restructured all the stones in a circle for our gathering tomorrow morning. Ive created a mandala as the circle represents the gift of our combined energies as One.

One of my instructors, Duncan Reeve, who recently moved from the UK to France, spent the day with us yesterday. While we worked on our preparations he was busy quietly creating a mandala of his own.


Later we got outside and I did some rattle healing with Duncan – he was pretty fatigued with all the travel he’s done recently. The rattling was very soothing for his adrenals and helped him to reach a deep state of internal peace.


It was really great to spend the time with my good buddy!

I’m wishing you all a beautiful day and we will be together in spirit as we honor the circle of our lives in connection with the One.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek