August 29, 2016

Breathing & Side-Bending With Weights

Happy Monday!

Well, it’s nice to be back at work after a lovely two-week vacation.

I had a fantastic birthday while on vacation too, and I’ll share some highlights from that below.

I spent a lot of time reading, painting, doing meditations in my Health Mate IR sauna, tai-chi, and had lots of great times with Mana, Angie and Penny too!

In my blog today, I’ll share:
1. Breathing & Side-Bending With Weights
2. An Interview with Patty Pinto, CHEK Exercise Coach, HLC 3
3. Show-N-Tell With Paul Chek

Breathing & Side-Bending With Weights

Paul Push Press 160 MRes
Breathing is the most vital survival function there is for our body.

We can go without water for up to a few days, and without food for a week or two, but without breathing, our brain begins to run into trouble in about 3.5 minutes (without specific training), and starts to die at 5:00.

Because breathing is the most essential function for the survival of our body, and it is an active process (requiring global muscular activity), the respiratory center in the brain reaches out to the muscular system from a command/control position.

This simply means that regardless of what activity you are doing, or how you are exercising, breathing influences dominate over cognitive influences. Therefore, if your breathing is not tuned to support body movements (loaded or unloaded), performance will decrease and the risk of injury will increase.

Today in my vlog, I will cover the basics of breathing and side-bending movements with both low loads, and higher intensities.

I hope you enjoy this short video lesson on breathing and movement.

If you want to master exercise technique, program design, and exercise management as part of a holistic 4-Doctor system, you will love what you learn in CHEK Exercise Coach.


1. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia ebook

2. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – Book

3. Heavy Breathing (DVD) with Dan Hellman

4. C.H.E.K Exercise Coach Advanced Training Program

5. CHEK Correspondence Courses – eLearning

An Interview with Patricia Pinto, CHEK Exercise Coach, HLC 3

Patty Pinto has been a student of my teachings for many years. She runs a fantastic C.H.E.K based holistic exercise, diet and lifestyle coaching practice in Irvine, Calif.

Patty is launching her Divine Power Program designed to empower women of any age.

I love knowing that Patty is out there sharing her love and wisdom with the world. She is an inspiration to females, and is a great example of how living well creates long-term youth and vitality.

Below you can click the link to hear a great interview with Patty sharing about her approach and how the C.H.E.K Institute teachings have been an important part of her development. Great Job Patty!

If you would like to reach Patty Pinto for personal coaching, you can contact her here: [email protected]

Show-N-Tell With Paul Chek

I had a lovely 55th Birthday on Aug. 24.
Birthday video
Above, you can see me watching a beautiful video gift from some of my key friends, instructors and students.

A BIG THANK YOU! to all of you who contributed to the video. You touched my soul.

Thank you to Tanya Carrol for the video you sent me privately; you also touched my soul Tanya.

Birthday Rocking Chair
Angie gave me a beautiful rocking chair with a rocking footstool for my Birthday.

I love it! It’s perfect for long hours of study. It is a cream color and though beautiful, my first thought was, “I’d better get some kind of cover on this chair or Mana is going to paint it with food!”

Well, later I was opening gifts from family and friends and lo and behold, Beverly Smiles sent me a number of gifts, and one was a beautiful blanket of the same color with my name and the date embroidered on it.

Above you can see the beautiful blanket in its new function as a cover for my rocking chair. THANK YOU Beverly! I loved all of the gifts you sent and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Paul and Jesse Campanaro Stack Heaven
My longtime friend Jesse Campanaro, past coaching/training client and now Chief of EFI Total Gym, came to visit me on my vacation.

We had a great time catching up on life, kids and work. We both needed some exercise so I introduced Jesse to the fine art of rock stacking.

Jesse is one of the very best athletes I’ve ever coached in my whole career. Needless to say, he was a very quick study with the rocks.

He loved the deep challenges rock lifting presents. As you can imagine, being a stud athlete, he wanted to go for the big ones!

Jesse and I built this stack of some very big rocks in about one hour and had a lot of fun doing it together too!

If you count the rocks up from the bottom, you’ll notice that the sixth rock up is BIG, about 200 pounds big!

We had to really coordinate our movements carefully to build this stack. Try doing a joint power clean and jerk with a huge, hard-to-handle stone, then climb up rock steps and you’ll begin to get the picture here.

Great job Jesse! I can’t wait to see the rock stacks you build!


ManaDaddy_post walk

I love this photo of Mana and me. It reminds me of how special each moment is to connect with him.

I get up early in the morning to go to work, and by the time the end of the day comes, I know Angie has been with him all day and needs some support so she can relax for a bit, and I really miss my little guy.

He’s just amazing and I love loving him.


Mana is big enough and strong enough now that I can give him rides around the house on my upper back.

He loves being up in the air and having such an expansive view. I dance around with him, we visit the trees and talk to them and he touches the branches and leaves, and we just have fun.

Mana and Penny playing
Penny (Momma Penny to Mana) is an amazing mother to Mana too. Angie and I are so blessed that she was up for being Mana’s second mother.

We have a lot of great times together, and Mana really loves his Momma Penny too.

Mana the Baseball Player
One of Mana’s recent photo shoots with Mommy featured a baseball player theme.

Angie takes loads of photos, but this is one of the ones I love the most.

It amazes us all how he just naturally performs for the camera. It’s like he knows he’s sharing his moments with lots of people and wants to make sure he reminds us all how to live fully in the moment.

Mana and Maggie Swinging
Angie went to visit her mother (Mana loves Grandma!) and they met at a park.

Mana got lots of great Grandma time, and Maggie enjoyed swinging with everyone too.

Maggie is another pro on camera, and loves performing. She’s got all sorts of tricks up her sleeve, including riding swing sets!

Artistic Expressions

Paul Chek Agni 8-28-16
This is the art piece I started on my vacation. This represents “Agni,” the Sun god (or god of the Sun). I’m having fun with it, but there’s still a fair bit to go.

I’ll look forward to sharing it with you and telling you more about it when I finish it.

My client Jacquie (Jason’s wife) painted this beautiful piece over the weekend.

Jacquie's Art 8-28-16.JPG
I could talk for hours about what I can see and what the symbols mean, but needless to say, it’s lovely.

I’m sure if you sit with it and let it speak to you, it will share its message with you too.

Jason's art 8-28-16
Jason (Jacquie’s husband) created this beautiful, simple painting this weekend.

He wanted to keep it something simple and let his soul guide the creative process. This is what his soul guided him to create.

I love the ease of which I can relax my mind and emotions when I’m present with it. A great meditation piece!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog this week.

I look forward to sharing more with you next Monday.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek