June 19, 2012


Hello from London’s hoity-toity district.

I’m among the marble walls and statutes of hubris here in the English version of New York!

I have to laugh at all the looks of disgust I get walking in and out of the hotel in my tai-chi pants and wool sweater ☺. It’s amazing (and sad) to see what the materialist mindset does to people’s energy fields and bodies. Deepak Chopra would use the term, “contracted” and it would be appropriate.

I’m truly amazed at the shockingly low level of heath of the average person on the streets here. The number of people with arthritic conditions, inflammatory conditions, and body shape problems is congruent with the statistics that England has the highest per capital consumption of both white sugar and white flower.

Did you know that both white sugar and flower were once only foods eaten by kings and queens because of the extensive labor needed to produce them and that people desperately wanted to eat them to emulate royalty! Well, they are desperate to find health and well-being after emulating royalty for so long!

Yesterday, Duncan Reeve and I went to visit my loving and beautiful friends Cass Ingram and his wife Judy, owners of American Wild Foods.

They gave me the products you see in the image with a drawing I created a few nights ago while waiting for my phone software to upgrade.

I thought the two went well together since I love their products.

When I’m home I use their products every day but on the road, I don’t always take them because by the time they’ve been radiated over and over again in airports, it kind of defeats the purpose!

So grateful they could give me a fresh supply for the rest of my trip. I’ve been really fatigued from so little sleep.

My poor body has had to deal with so many time shifts in the last 20 years that all the travel is getting quite challenging. Thank God for my tai-chi, essential oils, and good food, when I can find it!

Stuart Peach, a CHEK student and massage therapist was kind enough to offer me a massage yesterday, which really helped. He’s got great hands and is very firm and yet gentle. I had a nice nap between painful spots ☺.

Stuart lives in the Maidenhead area and does great massage work and is an HLC 1. If any of you would like his help, feel free to visit his web site at: www.liveyourtruth.co.uk
Thanks for the help Stuart!
In the Royal Automobile Club where I’m staying at and lecturing at today, they have a pretty strict dress code.

Stuart Peach lent me a jacket and Vidya bought me a nice shirt that fits perfectly (thanks Vidya). This is a rare chance to see me in what I refer to as a “monkey suit”.

I ended up having to come back to the room to get a tie on anyway!and had to bring Duncan because I purposely forgot how to tie a tie when I got out of the army ☺.

We had a fantastic dinner with Andre Hedger and a friend of his last night though, so it was worth it in the end.

I’ll be giving about 60 people my best concepts on a holistic approach to TMJ disorders today, organized by The British Society for the Study of Craniomandibular Disorders, and heading to visit Warren Williams and Jade Johnson in route to our next seminar destination tomorrow.

Enjoy your day and if you are home, CELEBRATE THAT!

You don’t know how nice home is until you are on the road all the time and can’t find good food, or a decent gym!the one here is PACKED, largely with junk machines!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek