October 28, 2011


It’s Friday! How cool is that! AND Halloween Weekend!

Hopefully, you will create some space to be with yourself this weekend and have some fun!

My weekend begins as soon as I finish typing this blog. It will begin by taking a little trip to Encinitas for a massage and a steam.

My body is sore from the past few days of training and sitting at my computer typing, typing, typing.

Yesterday, I decided to shoot a little video to explain what I meant by functional cardio exercises.

As I discussed in the article about my approach to health and training in the November edition of Muscle and Fitness Magazine; it’s on the shelves now if you are interested.

I put together an example of a functional cardio workout, which I posted on my youtube.com channel, which you can view any time:




For those of you that would like to improve your essential program design skills, my correspondence course titled, “Program Design” teaches you what you need to know about how to optimally select reps, sets, loads, tempo and rest periods.


I give examples of different people and their needs in the program to help you better understand how to use these essential variables.

In my video clip on functional cardio training, I make the point that one can gain the most benefit by selecting exercises that exemplify the Primal Pattern® movements that are necessary for growth and success in your chosen work, sports, or play environment.

A beginners guide to understanding Primal Pattern® movements and the different reflexes that we must be aware of for effective conditioning can be found in my book, Movement That Matters.

For those of you who already have a good understanding of program design basics, my correspondence course titled Advanced Program Design takes you on a much deeper journey into the science of program design.

This course has been studied by many of the greatest trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and health care providers in the world and the feedback is great, so you can’t go wrong there.

After a day of heavy lunging and core training, and then the functional cardio workout I put myself through yesterday, I’m certainly ready to hold still for a massage!

I feel muscles in places even my soul didn’t seem to know about!

By the way, we’ve got some great November specials available for you at PPS Success.com as well.

I get a constant stream of questions through my various web sites asking me about a wide variety of physical, physiological, emotional and mental ailments.

In my audio/transcript program titled A CHEK Practitioner’s Guide To Understanding and Interpreting The CHEK Health Appraisal Questionnaires, I spend over 4 hours explaining each question asked in the How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! questionnaires.

I share why I ask each question, and how the answers to each question correlate to a variety of symptoms and the causes of many ailments people are commonly challenged by.

This program, though extremely useful to the health and exercise professional, was produced so that the layman can understand it.

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom or busy working professional, there’s a LOT you can learn about how to better understand and care for your body-mind in this program.

Among the most common questions I get from PPS Practitioners are those around issues of one’s sex life.

Our sex life is a very telling story about us. Our sexual desires are deeply rooted and are often related to your perceived unmet needs.

Many go in and out of sexual relationships, often feeling unfulfilled and progressively more afraid they don’t satiate their needs.

In my audio program, There Are Only 2 Kinds Of Sex, Which Are You Having?, I address the common motivators for sexual connection so that you can cultivate sexual intelligence.

I share many examples of how sex can bind us into relationships that aren’t working well (sex as glue), and give suggestions for cultivating more awareness of the choices you are making.

I also share how sex can be “grease” in a relationship, helping it work much better, just as grease helps things mechanical work more smoothly, or even some things physical ☺.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on all these programs, so why wait until you are in a crisis to begin cultivating some healthy awareness when you can start healing and growing now?


The great spiritual teachers throughout antiquity have consistently taught one that it is love that takes us forward, and it is love that holds one back.

Love is a product of the reality of Consciousness, in and as the Universe.

Love is moved by one’s desire, and expressed as one’s will.

When our desires are wholesome, our will creates in like-kind. We know that our love is wholesome because the products of expressing our love create inner-warmth, stability, and connection – intimacy with self and other.

If our desires are unwholesome, we know that too. Our unwholesome desires reciprocate in acts of will that typically create separation, which generally excites fear within us, and in such relationships.

When we are afraid to be loved by another, or love another, we are usually afraid because our soul is urging us to look more carefully at our motives.

One who is having intimate relations with someone outside the bounds of their stated agreements with those they already share intimacy with and knows it, can never relax into the experience of love.

They are as a dog sneaking food from another dog’s house. This creates both heightened insecurity, and a constant fear (often later when they fall in love) that their love (object) will be scooped by another dog of the same kind.

This is no way to live, nor is it a very authentic form of love. It is really a form of neediness or addiction.

When people are open and honest about their needs, Love can be expressed in a way that is congruent with such needs.

Then, love heals, it feels good. As we learn to love and become natural lovers, we both feel safe in the world, and see more of the love and beauty of the world. We see and feel what we are.

One who can’t love other humans, can’t love God any better, for all that is lovable, is God; Love Is God.

Many of my clients caught in painful love games, through counseling, learn to love better, and as a result, they not only feel better and live better, they come to see that all the while they thought there were a shortage of people that could, and would love the way they dream of being loved, they see them all around with the eyes of love!

I practice loving plants, animals and nature, as well as the primary people, students and clients in the best and most respectful way I can.

They are very free with their love and they teach me how to love that way too.

This weekend, if you need some safe love, spend some time in nature and be loved!

Then, invite that love to live within you so that you express your love authentically with all!

Don’t let the spooks get you this weekend!


Love and chi,
Paul Chek