May 18, 2023

Why Science is So Complicated With Dr. Robert Gilbert

Why Science is So Complicated With Dr. Robert GilbertOne of my biggest concerns about the future of our planet is the way people regard science. Just like the study of medicine, most people give up their agency to the “experts” who have developed treatments, cures and technology that often do them more harm than good.

Fortunately, my recent Living 4D guest, Dr. Robert Gilbert, had a lot of experience with such things from a young age, always asking very basic questions about the world, like Why am I here? or What is life all about?

Based on his experience in his twenties in the U.S. Marine Corps, Robert had a bird’s eye look behind the curtain teaching soldiers how to survive in highly toxic environments.

During his time as a Marine instructor, Robert became so completely disillusioned about the billions spent on destructive technologies, he decided to do research of his own. What he found was NATO-funded studies that examined all sorts of scientific pursuits, from biology and chemistry to all natural systems.

Following his curiosity, Robert found scientific answers that were much simpler to understand, and wondered why this information wasn’t being shared with the public…


Robert describes his journey that led to many Aha! moments and how understanding sacred geometry and patterns helped him get there in this week’s blog/vlog.

Love and chi,