May 11, 2023

The Life of a Dog Shaman With Sasha Armstrong

The Life of a Dog Shaman With Sasha ArmstrongWho is the better teacher: You or your pet?

After you take a guess, I encourage you to listen to my conversation with noted Dog Shaman Sasha Armstrong where we discuss the relationship and hierarchy between pets and their human caretakers.

In ancient times, canines were a critical part of human evolution, according to Sasha. “If it wasn’t for the presence of canines in the human experience, we would be very far devolved from where we are at this point.

“Going back to the beginning, they were our original teachers. They were the ones that taught us how to communicate and be intuitive and instinctual and raise a family and how to hunt and the best places to hunt the best places to house a family…”

If you’re wondering how that relationship between man and dog is going today, Sasha has grave concerns. “The way that we’re communicating with them is really at an all-time low.”

This week on my blog/vlog, Sasha describes how she became a Dog Shaman and how to better understand the ancient connections between man and canines.



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Love and chi,