May 25, 2023

Participating in a Plant Medicine Ceremony With Hamilton Souther

I’ve had a lot of people approach me in recent years about plant medicine ceremonies. The first question I ask: Why do you want to participate in a plant medicine ceremony?

Honestly, a lot of people want to experience plant medicines but they have no friggin’ clue why, apart from mimicking their friends, reading about the increasingly positive benefits of psychedelics in the news or hearing them describe their experiences with microdosing.

Experiencing a plant medicine ceremony is a completely different thing, the subject of this week’s blog/vlog based on my recent Living 4D conversation with Hamilton Souther.

“The most important thing about going into a plant ceremony is understanding your motivation. It’s such a deep personal experience. The very first reason needs to be something positive…”

Hamilton and I also address another very critical question about plant medicines — Is more plant medicines better? — and a whole lot more in this blog/vlog.


If you want to learn more about Hamilton and his work, check out his Blue Morpho website.

Love and chi,