December 11, 2012

What is Your Myth?

Happy Tuesday to You!

Vidya and I had an amazing full day yesterday. We got to work early so I could write my blog and so we could get into the gym before meeting Jeff Brion and Rosanne Klein to celebrate winning the PPS 2012 Dream Big Contest.

I had a lovely lunging and core workout. I was able to get in four sets of 4 at 225 after warming up. I coupled my luges with cable wood chops; quick and stimulating!

We met with Jeff and Rosie at the house to celebrate the successful opening and operating of their new Float Lounge at their Feeling Functional Holistic Center in Laguna Beach, California.

To celebrate our day together, we fasted through the day and enjoyed a variety of activities. I planned our day around exploring our personal myths.

After an opening ceremony to celebrate our day, we began by drawing a big circle together; all hands on the big black marker.

I divided our circle into 4 parts and then, we sat in the warm, beautiful sunshine for hours drawing together.

Here is Jeff and Rosanne showing their myths together (their myths are on the bottom half, each expressed on their side of the mandala).

We thought we’d share our myths with you in hopes that you’d be inspired to draw and describe your own.

Here you can see Vidya and I celebrating our myths together.

Having a clear, conscious connection to, and appreciation for your personal myth has a very grounding effect on the psyche. It gives a sense of assurance that your core values are congruent with your vision of the bigger picture of your life.

Below is a description of each of our myths with our individual myth expressed as art. Jeff and Rosanne wrote up their myth together.

“We appreciated the opportunity to look at our personal mythology. The mandala we shared expresses a powerful insight into that mythology. Our artwork expresses the connection through our Being, Mother Earth, the Ethereal and the Cosmos. Experiencing One Love is to experience the collective whole.

The myth was once of Rosanne and Jeff living unconsciously loyal to a belief system that does not serve them. Many family beliefs steeped in a lack of self-worth, judgment and shame.

In our lives today as CHEK Practitioners we get to live our values in health, well-being and love. We see in our mandala that we continue to live out our values in our conscious world. Expressing and integrating our values, dreams and purpose as a manifestation of One Love.

One Love knows no judgement of self-worth or shame. Our purpose in living our dream is to be the embodiment of this love, to share this love and support others in connecting with self as One Love.”

Much Love!
Jeff & Rosanne


“I’ve recently revisited my own natal astrology chart and can see what I’ve already transformed in the journey of my life, but also where my shadow lies, ready to be transformed with the light of consciousness – and now that I can see the pattern, I feel ~ oh so ready!

You cannot see the “story” underneath the layers, but I am so grateful to create a new story to merge those healthy parts of myself into radiant living wholeness ~ a myth worthy of living, embracing and loving!

Thank you ALL for allowing me to share me!”

xo Vidya

With ALL
That IS

When Awake, I see my SELF
When asleep, I see the other

I dream of you, and
find myself
I find myself, and
realize You!

To Love
the nature of my Being

My pains remind me of the illusions I create

My Love reminds me of why it is all so fun!

I AM (You are)
Home, and

L0Ve and chi,


Before coming off our fast to enjoy an amazing meal, we did tai-chi in the garden.

Jeff and Rosanne are completing a 100-day gong with the tai-chi ruler exercise I taught them at HLC 2. You can see them practicing in the beautiful sunset above.

Vidya and I were above them in my yard doing the Stork Walk version of tai-chi.

Vidya prepared us all a great meal; Rosanne was the beautiful salad chef tonight. We had a fantastic roasted organic, free-range chicken with brown and wild rice and salad.

That’s my plate you are looking at, so don’t try and sneak a bite because I’m hungry and may bite you!

We had an amazing, beautiful day together. Vidya, James and I represent PPS Success Mastery training and are very proud to have celebrated this day as our gift to the winners of last year’s PPS Dream Big Contest.

“Jeff and Rosanne, you are truly an inspiration to ALL!”

I hope you all find a moment to draw and write your personal myth. In doing so, it will be easy to evaluate whether your stated or unstated core values are congruent with your inner-story.

When the story you tell yourself is in harmony with the story you tell others, you have the best life insurance you could ever have!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek