August 12, 2013

What Is Organics? Part 3: The Rhizosphere (Root Space)

Happy Monday to You!

As you read this blog, chances are good I’m in transit to Toronto with my beautiful wife, Penny to offer workshops and lectures at Can Fit Pro. I’ll do my best to share some updates and photos of my trip as the week progresses. I’m going to be busy for sure so If you happen to attend I look forward to meeting you.

I got into the office yesterday to catch up on some paperwork and late in the day was able to move some stones for fun!

I’ll miss my rock garden while I’m gone, but that makes homecoming that much sweeter!

What Is Organics? Pt. 3: The Rhizosphere (Root Space)

Rhizosphere Blk Board Image

In my continuation of my “What Is Organics?” series, today I cover the rhizosphere (root space) functions. I share an essential basic understanding of what the microorganisms and plants create together for their own health and well-being, and that of all the creatures that consume them, including us humans!

In the video blow, I show how all the key nutritional factors needed to create and sustain optimal health are created in the rhizospheres of plants. I make the key point that the microorganisms and a CRITICAL link to the overall electromagnetics of soil function, plant growth, and ultimately, our own health.

I then briefly discuss the logic or illogical use of farming chemicals and practices that destroy microorganisms, and the soil.

I hope you enjoy this short, but important lesson on the rhizosphere and organics!

I’ll catch up with you along the way.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek