May 10, 2013

What is Happiness (Pt. 2) & The SexyBack Summit

It’s a Great Day to Be ALIVE!

Paul Zan Zung

Happiness is a state of being.

We each determine what does and doesn’t create happiness for us.

As a culture, we are conditioned to ask others, “what makes you happy?”

This question exposes our cultural idea that happiness is something that is induced by something outside you, like a pill. What you hear as answers to the typical “what makes you happy?” question is usually something like, “my car”, “my new computer”, “my boy/girlfriend”, etc. These are all expressions of dependency.

A better question, when someone’s happiness is truly an interest to you is, “What ways do you create happiness for yourself?”

The answer to that question informs us as to a person’s ability to cultivate inner-resources for the creation of their own sense of well-being.

When I think of what it is that contributes most to my own happiness, it is that I know I’m capable of loving and caring for myself.

I know I can choose differently, or more wisely to create an inner-state that is more congruent with my values and the way I like to experience life within myself.

To know how to access my 4 Doctors within gives me sustainable happiness. It makes me happy to know that I have the physical, emotional, and mental resources to accept, and grow from the challenges that are natural to the life process.

My message today, is that we can all go a long way to healing a cultural illness (that is largely representative of the medical drug model) that assumes happiness comes by way of external inputs.

When we take responsibility for creating our own state of well-being, we are naturally happy.

When we have a balanced disposition, we are able to see that overcoming many of life’s challenges ultimately gave us the strength to know we can create safety and security for ourselves.

We realize that without our challenges, we would not grow and that tackling challenges with an open mind is an expression of sustainable happiness!


Ximena Gonzalez
These days, more and more people are actively seeking natural solutions for digestive problems, foggy brain, insomnia, depression, and weight gain (health challenges that their doctors typically don’t understand), than ever before. 

But what about sexual health?

Those of you who study my natural therapies know the answer – Absolutely!

That’s why I wanted to participate with my friend Sean Croxton when he was putting together the upcoming SexyBack Summit to show you EXACTLY how to get your sexy back…naturally.

If you don’t know about Sean Croxton and Underground Wellness, you should. Sean’s Underground Wellness Show podcast and YouTube channel, where he interviews the top names in real nutrition, fitness, and health is a great source of practical education that is in line with the values I live and teach at the C.H.E.K Institute.

The upcoming week-long SexyBack event gets underway next Sunday, May 19th.

As a contributing presenter in the SexyBack Summit, my presentation describes what real sex energy is, and I share simple, practical 4 Doctor tips for cultivating a healthy abundance of natural sex energy and vitality.

Above, you can see one of my amazing and beautiful students, Ximena Gonzalez. I could fill a hundred blogs with photos of all the absolutely beautiful, sexy, vital, natural CHEK Practitioners from around the world.

Ximena is an example of the natural beauty that emerges when living the principles I share in Sean’s SexyBack Summit.

Last year’s Paleo Summit and Real Food Summit Sean hosted were among the web’s most attended FREE online events. I participated in both of these summits and the results were excellent. I got lots of great feedback from people saying they really enjoyed my presentations, and that they were very impressed with the high quality of the presenters in general.

Next week I’ll be with Sean for a LIVE 90-minute Q&A session on the UW Radio broadcast where you can call in and ask me any question.

I hope you enjoy your choices for greater Happiness this weekend!

Next week, I will share some news and experiences I’ve had testing an excellent IR sauna for the past month. Between my Bee Panacea and my new IR sauna, I’m feeling amazing…more amazing!!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek