November 29, 2013

Waking Up Your Body-Mind Quick N Easy

Happy Friday!

I hope you remembered to do some “Work-In” exercises the past couple days to help you get your Thanksgiving dinner through the system effectively .

Since it’s Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I’d share a piece of art I did with the theme of loving in mind.

Abundant Love

There is abundant love in the world if we are brave enough to find it in ourselves first. I like to express my inner-feelings through art. By doing something I love to do, I can more easily access the love within myself.

By taking responsibility for bringing myself into a loving state, I’m able to look out at the world through my love, harmonizing myself to the love that is always there, but often invisible if we are not tuned (open) to it.

This weekend is a good time to give thanks to yourself for being who you are, and being brave enough to be different…happy within yourself! It is also a great time to give thanks for all the people that have supported you in your own quest for a life of fulfillment.

“Thank you to all of you who have contributed so much to my life as family, friends, staff, instructors, clients, customers and fans of my work!” I couldn’t be “me” without “you”.

Waking Up Your Body-Mind Quick N Easy

In my vlog today, I show you a very simple, yet highly effective Taoist technique for stimulating and activating your body-mind.

We do this technique by slapping, tapping, patting, or rubbing the surface of our body vigorously.

Meridian System

As you can see in the diagram above, we have meridians running through most any place you touch your body. Stimulating the meridians can improve chi (life-force) flow through your body-mind, providing an energizing effect similar to coffee or tea, but with no negative side effects.

In my vlog , I show you how to perform this simple, effective technique. You can use it any time, anywhere, and as I share in my video, it only works if you do it!

I hope you enjoy my video blog today:

Love and chi,
Paul Chek