September 3, 2012


Happy Monday to You!

It’s a bank holiday here in the US but I decided to come to work and get some of the final editing done for my new program on how to overcome fungal and parasite infections.

We are getting closer to having this new DVD program available. Those of you that are interested and want to take advantage of our early bird sale can register to be notified of the program release by clicking this link on the CHEK Institute site:

I’ve had one of the best three-day weekends I can remember this past weekend.

I’ve been very busy with a lot of meetings, coaching clients, working on new programs, updating course manuals, preparing for upcoming courses and a variety of odds and ends that take time.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was really ready for some deep rest.

Angie Lustrick came down to visit me, Vidya and Penny this weekend. She was tired from a busy week as well so we both decided we’d go to the Massage Center in Encinitas and get a massage and take a long steam bath. We really enjoyed our massages and our steam.

Angie likes the heat so we had our own little sweat lodge ceremony in the steam bath. We were in there for a good 35 minutes or more at full heat so by the time we left, we were California raisins!

After our massage and steam, we went to the house to relax in the garden and do some rattling, chanting, and art.

Saturday, Vidya joined us and we continued to enjoy the beauty of the full moon. We spent the day doing art, rattling, chanting, singing and we hiked in the hills.

Saturday night, we went out into the rock garden under the stars and enjoyed being outside under the moonlight during the night hours. We could hear the coyotes howling at the moon, but they were off in the distance. Often, they come right to my front yard for their full moon ceremony, which is what I was hoping for. They roam around a lot and I have no idea how they pick their singing spots, but I’m looking forward to their next visit.

Aside from walking and jogging in the hills, we didn’t do any weight training, nor rock lifting. I was actually quite physically and mentally tired from the previous couple weeks of work.

When I had enough energy to entertain lifting something heavy, I found myself dancing to the music instead, which is always fun.


I drew this picture of what I experienced while laying out in my rock garden Friday night, the night before the Blue Moon. I then took it out Saturday night of the Blue Moon, and put it up where the moonlight would reflect off of it so I could look at it in the moonlight and it was very cool.

The image depicts the spirit of the moon inhaling, which exemplifies the force of gravity exerted on all material things by the moon.

The silver represents the moonlight, while the black represents the dark, as well as the physical things such as my rock stacks in my garden area.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the full moon, maybe looking at this drawing will serve as a reasonable second best.

Angie drew this expression of the day Friday and we had it with us in the moonlight too. The silver really jumped out during the moonlight hours and it was quite a powerful drawing to experience at night.

Saturday, we continued to relax and express ourselves artistically. One of my hobbies is making my own herbal remedies. Many of them involve the use of a Chinese medicine reducing pot and the reduction process is my favorite part of the process because the smells are incredible and I can feel the process coming to completion.

While I was cooking my most recent batch of medicinal tea, I was singing, toning and chanting to it from time to time. This is the vision that I had while breathing in the steam rising from the pot.

The process took me almost a week to complete, but as the tea was brewing, I’d stop the process at night, bottle it, and store it outside in the moonlight on top of my meditation seat.

Each time I picked the bottle up in the morning to start the cooking process again, the amount of moon energy was greater and greater. It got to be so strong I suspect anyone could feel the energy radiating out of the bottle.

Once I was done, I set up an array of beautiful gemstones and crystals around the medicine bottle. The energy coming from the medicine was being broadcast all throughout my yard and forever beyond by the light entering the crystals.

The whole process, including the moonlight event, was amazing and I had a great time. I hope looking at my drawing gives you a sense of the healing power that is in my medicine bottle! Enjoy.

Vidya drew this beautiful art piece on Saturday as we were drawing ours. Here is a word from Vidya explaining her process/experience:

I was really inspired by the August Blue Moon and the clear energy that was emanating from her. Since all things seen and unseen are interconnected through the celestial lights weaving a beautifully influencing matrix of love here on the planet, the elemental realm as earth, fire, water, air and aether in their transformative dance of life is represented by the circles and spirals.

The Mayan calendar ending a long cycle leaves a question mark in the minds of many. This topic has been discussed and debated by experts around the world for some time now, but has really been brewing of late as we approach the end of the current long cycle.

My son, Paul Chek Jr., has a deep interest in ancient societies and their artifacts, so visiting the pyramids was high on his list of priorities when we were in Tulum, Mexico together this summer.

Here you can see Paul Jr. questioning our tour guide (who is Mayan) about the Mayan calendar and what it means to them.

Here is the exact diagram of the Mayan calendar our tour guide is showing us. The inner wheel you see is their short cycle, while the outer wheel represents their long cycle.

Manuel, our guide assured us that to the Mayan people, the end of the long count does NOT mean the world is coming to an end. It means that we are simply beginning a new long cycle.

(Note: The image below the calendar is an artists depiction of what the pyramid we were looking at looked like when the archeologists found it. Manuel used this to show us what the pyramid looked like before the restoration process began.)

That said, there are many with differing opinions, some of what have catastrophic endings.

Because of the number of people that have heard dooms-day predictions about the end of the world coinciding with the Mayan calendar’s end, I’ve been bombarded with questions from all over the world about my opinion on this issue.

The truth is, I don’t know!nobody can until we are there!

All anyone can do with regard to predicting the future is to look at probabilities.

All we can do is experience what is occurring in the present moment (NOW).

To the degree that the now exists as a reality of us, here we are. If we try to make future predictions, all we can do is import (or project) the past into the future. Sometimes, that’s not a great idea, particularly when the past is riddled with painful experiences most don’t want to experience again!

That in an of itself should be a reminder to you not to make predictions of your future based on your past pains and problems because doing so only increases the chances you will experience what you are attracting by projecting your negative thoughts into the future; they may meet you along the way when you do that!

As I’ve told MANY, don’t worry about the end of the world coming. Get busy and live fully now so you can have a sense of joyous completion regardless of when your precious life comes to a (physical) end.

Because of all the questions, and my own interest, I spent some time in conversation with my soul about the issue. I asked if I could have a vision as to what the end of the Mayan calendar brings.

This is the best I could do to draw the vision I had. It was exquisitely complex.

The best thing I can do to describe the vision for you is to refer you to Itzhak Bentov’s great little book titled, Stalking The Wild Pendulum.



In this book, Bentov (a very accomplished and highly respected scientist; he invented the pacemaker used for heart patients) explains that when a pendulum reaches the end-point of a swing in either direction, there is a transition point where it pauses; it isn’t swinging up, nor coming down.

At that moment of that transitional state, he explains that the pendulum itself is everywhere, and nowhere in the universe at the same time.

The image I was given is pretty much like that. I saw what looked like time stopping. For how long, I don’t know.

I did see clearly that there is a relationship between our position relative to the sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

It is to my perception, like the center of the galaxy is a hand holding a pendulum on an invisible string, and at the moment of the Mayan Calendar’s end, the pendulum is suspended for a moment in time.

How long that moment lasts I can’t tell.

I wasn’t satisfied with my ability to express my vision on the first attempt because to do so would require that I spend a month drawing very carefully with the use of geometry and precision mathematics, which isn’t something I enjoy doing.

Therefore, I freehanded the image to the best of my ability, which I do enjoy doing.

After doing that drawing, I had another vision emerge as I continued my meditative exploration of this event.

This is what I saw.


The being rising out of the vase represents “mind”.

The being on the left of the vase represents yin, the female energies of the universe, while the being on the right represents her lover, yang, the male energies of the universe.

Said another way, “he represents Adam or embodiment”, while she represents Eve, or life-force.

The diagram on the vase represents the balance of male and female energies.

The checkered path or table the vase is sitting on represents the meeting of Absolute Emptiness with Absolute Fullness, which is the source of vibration, OM, and therefore, the created universe or existence as we know it.

My vision suggests that we are at a point in our evolution where we must make a choice; we must choose to respect, love and care for nature (the source of our bodies), and stop over-investing in mind stuff!information!

beliefs that are both not true, and that are destructive to all life on the planet!.

OR we will loose our body-mind relationship and enter the realm of mind itself, but will be disembodied.

The spirit beings of Yin and Yang also represent all the spiritual forces of nature that work ceaselessly to give us a body an support our healing while in a body.

I can’t put any exact timeline to what I was shown, but needless to say, to anyone with the knowledge of nature and human behavior that I have, there’s no need for the Mayan Calendar to come to an end to see the obvious here.

When enough probabilities are congruent, the scales tip in the direction of the dominant probability. Our dominant probability right now is that regardless of what any calendar says, we are racing against the reality created by our own ideas and their effects on the planet and each other.


My buddy Jason shared one of his recent stack with me. Here you can see Jason and his recent creation. Jason shares the same love I have of big stones.

We both like a good hard workout, and we love to express our creative energies at the same time. Why not!you can workout and do art at the same time!

Great Job Jason!
Love your stones Baby!

Well, that’s enough from me today.

I hope you are all happy and well.

If you create some art, food, rock stacks, or anything you’d like to share, feel free to forward it to Vidya at [email protected] and if we can fit it into the blog, we will.

I love to see everyone’s creative self expressions and I know many others have been inspired by what they see on my blog so don’t be afraid to share your inspirations from time to time!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek