October 2, 2012


Happy Tuesday to you from Wednesday in Sydney!

I’ve been keeping my agreement with myself to be on vacation and not work this trip so that traveling and teaching is more fun for me.

My favorite method of reducing stress is unbound play; play without any preconceived outcome, or any attachment to the outcome.

Vidya has been cooking amazing food to fuel our play, as usual. Here you can see Vidya radiating joy; she LOVES Australia!

This weekend, we spent time at the beach building some rock stacks.

There are a lot of sharp barnacles on the rocks here and movement without awareness can be painful! I find the challenge aids in getting deeper into my moving meditation.

We got some serious exercise carrying rocks across tricky surfaces.

Team work was required for us to build something special we could share with the locals. We chose some odd stones to match our artistic flare for our creative expression.

This was a pretty big stack. To cap it safely and not demolish it trying to finish it, Donal put me on his back so I could do the tedious top-stone positioning job.

Here we are celebrating the completion of two new art pieces to share with the locals. There were many people taking photos the entire time we were there.

People are deeply attracted to stone sculptures. It is as though seeing them activates primal memories.

There were some very big sand dunes at the beach and Donal and the kids wanted to do sprint repeats on them.

After staking rocks for a couple hours, doing repeat sprints up sand dunes was a great way to get very hungry for dinner. And dinner was awesome too!

Here you see Donal and I at their center, Place Of Chi (www.placeofchi.com). I love seeing my CHEK Totem pole in my Faculty and student’s centers because then I know they are staying aware of the proper order to complete a client assessment.

After a few days of rest, my natural strength returned in the gym.

I love heavy box deadlifting because it boosts my androgen (sex and growth hormones) levels very quickly.

I’d much rather see people using weight lifting scientifically to retard the aging process than plastic surgery and lots of toxic magic pills.

Donal and I coupled some reptilian crawling in the sun with our deadlifting sets.

One of my best Aussie Buds is Cam Nell, CHEK HLC3, CP2, Great Chef and artist. Cam came to visit us over the weekend and we did art and some tai-chi together.

I taught Cam the Stork Walk and he really loved it. We reached a very blissful state in our session together. Great to see you Cam!

I spent some time with Josh Carr yesterday teaching him how to master the use of his mind. I shared an exercise I created for my patients with spinal cord injuries.

I putt a strawberry in a bowl with drinking water. I then worked with Josh to learn to use his mind to move the water and the berry to wherever he wanted it to go.

I was teaching him that the way you use your mind is a primary factor that influences the experiences you have in life.

I showed him that once you have a dream, learning to focus your mind’s energy on the dream and taking affirmative action facilitates the experience of the dream. He did very well with his lesson from Paul.

Well, that brings you up to date.

I hope you gained some ideas for expressing your creativity and keeping yourself vital and youthful. I hope you are inspired to engage in some unbound play!

If you are in Australia, I expect to see you personally at any of my upcoming workshops, seminars and courses.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek