April 1, 2013

Tips for Making Changes: Do We Have Free Will? (Pt.1)

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This is my view out the kitchen window at 7:00 AM this morning.

Morning in Heaven

This place is so dynamic. I feel like I’m working and playing in the middle of a huge vortex of infinite possibilities. The creatures are very alive now that spring is here and it’s warming up.

The only place I’ve ever lived that was this dynamic an environment was our farm on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where my father still lives today.

Water Charger Rebuild

I decided to rebuild the water charger my students and I built here during our last zen In The Garden Workshop (The next one is May 25).

I’m quite sensitized to water, water qualities and properties from all my years working on the creation of water chargers and researching water. I felt that the charger we built here wasn’t generating as effective a charge as it could; I wanted the students to have fun and not have to worry about the fine details of bio-circuitry.

Charger Rebuild 1

I also found that having the water charger’s bottom as the red stone of the patio decreased the frequency range due to the lack of microorganisms and plant life that stimulate the water when the bottles rest on the earth.

Charger Rebuild 2
Here you can see the beautiful spot I found in our back garden area. There is grass and other small plants under my feet; my right foot is actually inside the charger where the water goes when I’m done. When the water is on soil, you can actually taste the soil in the water.

Few people are aware of water’s ability to pick up an almost infinite range of vibrational frequencies. Since every sense you have (sight, touch, smell, etc.) are all ultimately frequencies of vibration being decoded by your nervous system, the water tasting of soil while it’s been kept in sealed glass bottles is a living example of how homeopathic medicine works.

The energy from the soil microorganisms and other sources in-forms the water. The water becomes encoded with the environmental vibrations and when you drink the vibrations of soil, plants, and stones, your body gains the same information it would (less the physical products) if you had drank it. Keep that in mind when setting cell phones or any electrical devices near your food and water!

Charger Rebuild 3
Here you can see me progressively building upward from the ground. The specific placement of the different types of stones is what improves the functionality of the water charger.

The building requires that you be very sensitive to subtle vibrations, and have an internal library that allows you to attach meaning to them, which leads to understanding what’s happening.

Someone skilled in acupuncture would be easy to teach what I do when building a water charger because it’s the same basic skill-set used to feel subtle energies that they use if they are doing their assessment correctly; individualized assessment, not going by the book…

Charger Rebuild 4
Here you can see me about two hours into the reconstruction process. Typically, a good water charger will have a double helix spiral in it, just like your DNA.

This functions energetically in a similar way your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems do, and when built correctly, can be very harmonizing to your autonomic nervous system.

Charger Rebuild Paul
Here it is just before I filled it with water and put the door in.

Water Charager 2 Heaven
Sunday, I did the final touches while I was resting between periods of working on my public health project. I take my healing tools out and let them charge on the water charger or in a special arrangement of stones and crystals I created at home. The amount of energy that they pick up is quite amazing.

At the top, you can see a snake carved from the Banisteria Caapi vine that Troy Casey brought me back from the Amazon. It has a lovely serpentine energy and really adds a nice touch to the charger’s total effect – Thanks Troy!

Spirit Of Creativity
I had such a lovely, relaxing productive day here at my Heaven house yesterday, I felt inspired to draw what was rising up in me.

I drew this while watching “The Voice” on TV last night, which is a show I really love. People compete to get accepted onto one of the coaches teams for “The Voice”, which gives the singers massive exposure and many go onto get recording contracts.

The talent on the show is amazing! Its on tonight and tomorrow if you can catch it. It’s on at 7:00 PM PST tonight if I remember correctly. I find it very inspiring to see others give it their all to create something beautiful of themselves.

It reminds me of all the years of struggle Penny and I went through to build the CHEK Institute, but we’ve persevered and I get to see all the healthy people growing from my teachings.

I love seeing people really go for it and not wimping out on life. This show is rich with that vibrant, creative energy and the people are beautiful souls too. Great show.


If you get a chance, you’ve got to see the movie, “Kumare’“.

It’s about a skeptic who wants to prove that religion and gurus are all a bunch of silliness. He decides to use his knowledge of the Eastern religions to become a (fake) guru.

Well, he is VERY good at it! So good in fact, he has some very profound spiritual growth and development experiences himself. The end of the movie is quite touching, and the messages the movie carries are priceless.

I can’t recommend this movie enough! I found it on NetFlix. Very funny too!

TIPS FOR MAKING CHANGES: Do We Have Free Will? (Pt.1)

Tao of Paul
For a very long time, philosophers and religious pundits have been debating whether or not human beings have free will. Many use the concept that we don’t have free will as a cop out on life; “it’s just the way it is man!nothing I can do will change it…”

Before I go on, I’d like to highlight that your view on free-will says a lot about your views on religion, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind because the root of this view is essentially a clear expression of your “creation philosophy”.

Leaving God out of it, we can look at it mathematically.

Quantum physics and other physicists and scientists from different sects of science (such as Steven Hawking) have proven with quite good data, that the source of all creation (existence) is the zero point field.

Essentially, there is an absolute reality behind our perceived reality; zero can’t be measured because it is absolutely full of potential to become any “thing” (countable), yet because it is no “thing”, it can’t be measured.

What we call “NOW”, can’t be measured. Yet, it is the backbone of all experiences in and of creation itself.

If we look at what I’m sharing here from another perspective, all created things can be said to be the products of vibration. All vibration emerges from silence, stillness, or zero.

When you are sound asleep in deep, dreamless sleep, you are as close as you can get to a feeling of the zero-state; which I propose is the “NOW”.

My diagram above shows that we, and all things created are essentially a marriage between something and no-thing, yet between the eyes, you see the symbol for zero. The Sanskrit word “AUM_” encompasses and symbolizes All Vibration and means:

A: Ah, I’m awake! It’s me, I’m me.

U: I’m dreaming.

M: deep dreamless sleep.
_ : Silence. Zero

When we wake up, we choose to either live out the same story we did yesterday, or to learn, to change, and to grow.

Ego's Mask
We each make decisions about how we will act; what we will say, what gestures we will use to express ourselves, what may or may not cause trouble in a given relationship with mom, dad, or any others.

You are less likely to give someone the finger and shout obscenities at them if your mother is in the car with you.

In that moment (NOW), you use your free will. You choose to change your self-expression to more effectively harmonize with your mothers values.

You have made a conscious choice and consciously used your free will.

When you are unconscious, you can be said to not have free will. The unconscious person simply wears their mask(s) every day, and doesn’t realize that they can animate the mask instead of letting it (their programming) animate them.

The Universe has a special way of letting you know when your software needs upgrading; the PainTeacher arrives!

I hope you enjoy consciously choosing and exercising your free will, you get opportunities moment to moment.

Being who you really love to be is far more fun that being who someone else wants you to be!

If you are not sure if you are asleep, just look at how much pain and unwanted challenge is in your life. If you feel you didn’t create that by participating, then you may be sleep walking.

I hope you don’t have to get rattled too hard to wake up.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek