July 27, 2015

The Red-YELLOW-Green of Exercise Pt. 2 of 3

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all well and excited to be alive for another great week on plant earth.

The Red-YELLOW-Green of Exercise Pt. 2 of 3

In my video blog presentation today, I cover the “YELLOW zone”, representing a total stress score of between 150 and 260 (it says 250 on the Black Board, but that’s a mistake, sorry).

RYG of Exercise pt 2 Blk Bd

The YELLOW zone is a tricky zone because most people think they feel fine, but are often unaware that they are in the yellow zone because their symptom profile is worsening.

Those that were in the red and are getting better often feel so much better, they over-exert themselves and back-slide, often getting injured with physical activity, or finding themselves reaching for more stimulants.

In my vlog today, I talk about how to “undulate” your working in and working out so you get optimal results.

I also revisit the importance of being aware of the three primary hormones:
1. Adrenaline
2. Cortisol
3. Insulin


To help you continue to lower your total stress score from yellow to green, I share five key tips:

1. Pay close attention to what is happening in your life so you can monitor what stresses are actually contributing to your challenge.

Most think the problems “within themselves” originate from the source of the discomfort. The truth is that we can experience a wide variety of health challenges as a response to any and all stresses in our lives.

I encourage each of you to pay close attention to your total stress load and instead of thinking that you must medicate yourself, it is wise to think, “How can I reduce the stress in my life so I have more energy to heal?

2. Always ask yourself, “Am I getting better or worse?

Some key indicators are:

– Energy levels?

– Body systems performance (measured by your HTEM&BH! Health Appraisal questionnaires)

– How is your motivation or readiness for the activities of your day?

– Monitor the use of your own energy; is it directed to what you authentically need, or are you putting more stress on yourself by acquiring what you want; you may want more coffee, but NEED more rest!

3. Undulation of exercise stress: Following the suggestions I give in the video presentation, you can be much more wise about how you stress yourself.

Using undulating periods of higher and lower stress in your exercise can go a long way to offering better overall results.

Paying attention to how you are responding is an essential practice for developing better body-mind awareness.

4. Keep it simple: Start with one Primal Pattern ™ exercise and build yourself up from 1-3 sets.

Keep your exercise selections to those exercises that offer rhythmic pumping, and enhance your ability to feel what is happening inside you as you exercise.

5. Once you’ve exercised in the yellow zone (see programs for restoring energy and lowering your scores in my book, “HTEM&BH!”), it is wise not to exercise in the yellow intensity zone again until there is no muscle soreness and you have authentic energy for your next session.

1. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – Book
2. Movement That Matters – Book
3. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – multimedia ebook
4. Program Design – Correspondence Course or elearning course
5. You Are What You Eat! – Audio CD program

10 People That Can CHANGE The World

PPS Dean Of Education and CHEK Marketing Director, James Phelps forwarded the very cool video link below.

One of my students (who’s name I’ve not yet identified) made a video about ten people that can change the world, and was nice enough to feature me as one of them. His presentation is quite simple and cool; you may need to hit the pause button to read the text on the screen for the various people, but the words are meaningful.

You can find the video here:

To my as yet anonymous student, “Thanks for your confidence in my work!” and my message to all of us is that “each and every one of us can change the world by being brave enough to work on ourselves each day and become a better lover of life and the beauty it offers.”

NEW CHEK Program: Tennis Conditioning Program Level 1 August 7-9 – San Diego

I am very excited to announce our latest CHEK Sports Specific training program: Tennis Conditioning Level 1

This course was developed by and is taught by CHEK Faculty Leigh Brandon (CP4 and HLC3).

Leigh is an excellent and experienced tennis player himself. He worked with me and did an excellent job of putting together the Course Book: The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual: The Grand Slam of Tennis Conditioning

In this course, Leigh will teach you a whole range of powerful assessments, exercises and programming techniques to:
– Volley more accurately – (static & dynamic stability training)
– Improve pace on groundstrokes – (strength exercises)
– Serve and smash ferociously – (flexibility, stability and strength training)

Anyone who loves playing the game or coaches others, you’ll take your game to the next level!

CHEK Advanced Training Program Completions

Exercise Coach – Oceanside, CA – Tomi Toles

EC_SD_062015 (1)

This past week Tomi Toles stayed in town to teach CHEK Exercise Coach to a great group of eager students! Thanks Tomi, as always, I appreciate your enthusiasm and skill! Well done and Congratulations to our newest Exercise Coaches!

HLC1 – NYC with Ashley Mazurek

Ashley Mazurek truly lives the HLC principles. As a dedicated CHEK Professional and mother of 2 kids, Ashley is a very busy woman. She pours her heart and soul into her teaching for which I am truly grateful!


HLC1 – London with Jennie Delbridge

HLC1 London_2015_Student Pic

Jennie Delbridge is one of our newest HLC Faculty and has a thriving HLC practice (she lives in France with her partner Duncan Reeves and young daughter Bella who is 8 months).

I feel fortunate to have a teacher like Jennie on our CHEK Faculty, she is down to earth and practical with lots of clinical experience to truly empower her students – besides being very witty and funny.

Please help me Congratulate our latest HLC1 Coaches! You will help to change the world by making the 4 Doctor system a living lifestyle.


I’ve been getting outside to lift stones as often as I can. I love being in my bare feet and working the stones with my bare hands. It helps me feel connected to the earth and nature, and is fantastic for my body.

PC three rock workouts

In the photo above, you can see my last three stone workouts.

My good friend and CHEK Academy Director has been here visiting this past week. We all some fun painting this weekend.

Angie painted the flowers and white sun, and I painted the dragon.

A AND PC paintings
I love painting dragons because I feel that I have a powerful dragon in me. I was in the mood for painting something that allowed me to express my emotions and the Spirit within me, and this is what came out of me.

PC Dragon acrylic

I had a great time with Gavin and Angie! I was able to paint it in a few hours while listening to some great music. A lovely, relaxing day for me – and much needed too.


Gavin’s creation is representative of his ongoing creative self.

Anytime you can enjoy expressing yourself with color, it is generally very healing and a great way to cultivate your creative impulse. Once we forget to play in life, we start dying.

I hope you all enjoy the video blog and that you have a lovely, inspired week of creative self-expression and dream-weaving.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek