February 1, 2011


Good Morning! (or Good Day depending on where you are ☺)

Today, I’d like to share my experience of the journey to Wholeness.

As you can see in my diagram, the world is largely populated by individuals. We begin our journey as an infant, and are very dependent upon those around us, be they family or tribe. We begin as baby chimps, learning from our interactions with each other, and being guided by those with more wisdom so that we both learn the essentials, and don’t end our life unnecessarily.

In the second row of beings, you see parents, who oversee their children. Yet, so commonly, our parents too are still as spiritual children who often rely on guidance from their parents, or your Grandparents. To the degree that our Grandparents became wise in their own life, we are likely to enjoy the safety and security of their wise council, as given to our parents or to us individually; my Grandparents were essential foundation-stones in my life for sure.

If we grow and mature into our awareness, we inevitably find that though our parents and Grandparents guidance was useful, it is most often wisdom cultivated in 1-3 generations removed from the environment we must now interface with each day. Typically, even when following family council, we find that we still meet challenges that aren’t easily resolved because the environments we attempt to thrive in are often significantly different than the environments in which our parental guides developed their wisdom in.

Just imagine being in today’s computer and web-dominated world, being faced with having to adapt to rapidly changing technology, and trying to get guidance from your Grandparents as to how to manage yourself in a job environment that requires that you process as much as 1,000 times more information and make many times more decisions per day than they ever had to make. How many of your Grandparents could give you good advice as to what phone will best interface with the computer programs you must use each day for your schooling or work? How many of your Grandparents or parent’s ideas about sexual intimacy would actually serve you in finding a mate in an environment where marriage with out sexual interaction is more likely to leave you very lonely and thought of as strange by your potential partners who are moving in flow with the times.

Rising now to the three beings in blue, we inevitably find that to manage the stress emerging from conflicts in values and/or idea structures, we must seek newer, more hip wise men and women who represent the few open minded that were capable of evolving with the flow of time and a changing environment. In my experience, examples of such people would be:
• The Dali Lama, the leader of modern Buddhism and an essential figurehead in the movement for world peace.
• Marshal Rosenberg, Founder of Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org)
• Deepak Chopra, MD, who has successfully integrated essential religious teachings with modern scientific understanding to better aid us in solving problems relevant today.
• Ken Wilber, probably the worlds most practical philosopher and expert on world religion, psychology, and how to use ancient wisdom in the language of a modern society. To accomplish this, he founded the Integral Institute.
• Ram Das, formerly a professor of psychology at Harvard, he pioneered the use of psychedelics in psychological and metaphysical research. Spending many years studying under a true Guru in India, Ram Das synthesized a beautiful amalgamation of Eastern religious and philosophical ideas and views and put it into numerous books, audios and videos that can be understood and used by western minds.

Though I could list many more, even the “many more” would be but a thimble full compared to the number of people below them who have legitimate need of effective, current guidance today.

Next we rise to the dark blue beings, for which there are only two. Once you’ve exposed yourself to the teachings of enough of the wise beings in the class mentioned above, you will find that there are usually only one or two whose teachings resonate with you deeply enough to encourage you to take action. This is an essential step, for there are many (probably around you now!) who parrot the language of wise ones, yet, have not reached the action stage in their own life yet. This situation is the reason for the saying, “One Indian, many Chiefs – makes for confused Indian!”

A very simple way to determine who will ultimately serve you as an effective life-teacher is that true Guru’s (teachers) always teach essential truths, the keystones of which are:
• Learn to rely on yourself to create your own reality
• Become clear that you are the biggest player in the creation of your pain because only you can decide to forgive, forget and move on with the creation of something more beautiful and fulfilling.
• That there is no “God” out there who will save you from your perils; the only God is the God within and it is your duty to cultivate that relationship. No one can do it for you or you simply become a dog on a leash.

Finally, we come to meet our Spirit~Soul, the God within. This is the crown-jewel of human evolution. Having been an authentic student of the wise ones, we have learned to listen to the silence within and take responsibility for ourselves and our part in any and all relationship to persons, places and things. From this beautiful place of self-reliance, we see that all our painful experiences were essential gifts that aided in our cultivation of awareness, compassion, empathy and deep understanding. In this place, we realize that what people call “GOD”, is truly Unconditional Love, and as such, GOD can never say “NO”. We become honest enough to embrace the fact that we have been given the answer to every prayer and that when it seemed otherwise, it was simply because we were unconscious of our unconscious thoughts, words and actions. Having now reached union with that which resides within as the source of life itself, we realize that we are God’s Dream and God (Unconditional Love and Consciousness) is our dream.

You know when you are at this beautiful place in your journey because you are no longer afraid of death as you fully embrace the opportunity to live, love and share effective dreaming with others.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek