January 6, 2022

The Dangers of Living in Two Realities

The Dangers of Living in Two RealitiesAs you know all too well, I’ve been a therapist who has helped people from all walks of life with every kind of challenge you can imagine over the past 37 years. You name it and I’ve seen it…

Based on my continuing studies on the relevant sciences along with watching what’s going on in the world, it’s very, very apparent to me that we are suffering from what I call the danger of living in two realities, the subject of my latest blog/vlog.

What are those two realities?

One is the real world, which is analog, wave-based and seasonal (winter, spring, summer and fall). All of us are familiar with that world, but a lot of people have lost touch with it.

Then, there’s the digital world, a series of 0s and 1s that impersonate reality that can be helpful, yet also be very dangerous.

I devoted a blog/vlog to this problem — Minds and Phones: Who is Your Master? — several months ago. Nonetheless, this challenge remains for those just as obsessed with their televisions, computers or anything else that can be used to brainwash and reprogram them to do harmful things they wouldn’t do if they merely had more contact with the real world.

My goal for this vlog: Condense what could be multiple hours of discussion about this dichotomy into less than 100 minutes by focusing on some key points.

The Dangers of Living in Two Realities

To be clear, these are some of the very same problems I encounter when clients describe how their brains aren’t working.

It could be anything from mental health issues (anxiety, attention deficit disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts, chronic fear) and a wide variety of chronic illnesses to people feeling lost and stuck in careers that aren’t healthy for them.

Some of the topics I cover in my vlog:

  • Growing spiritually
  • What the elements represent
  • Evolving consciousness
  • The digital tree
  • Human instincts
  • Light and hypnosis
  • Structures of consciousness
  • Natural resources
  • Reward programming
  • How to connect to reality
  • Shamanism

If we can meet and overcome these challenges, I truly believe that we have great opportunities right in front of us to have big dreams that are realistic, achievable and beautiful.

But, only if we have the discipline and the will to starve the corporations that have become dangerously abusive and disrespectful to life and to all of us…

Love and chi,