December 30, 2021

Learning in the Earth School with Rachel Fiori

Learning in the Earth School with Rachel FioriGood Thursday to all of you!

When did you come to a spiritual awakening in your life?

For a lot of you, it was probably a pleasurable experience like hearing a piece of music or looking at a sunset and feeling awe…

Unfortunately, for some of you, your spiritual awakening came in the aftermath of abuse when you began to understand that the anger and violence you experienced at the hands of a family member or partner had absolutely nothing to do with you…

In the case of my recent Living 4D guest Rachel Fiori, the abuse from a mentally ill stepfather led her to a spiritual epiphany at the tender age of 13.

Rather than allowing the words of a sick man define her life forever, Rachel ventured on the road to true healing, a process that began by learning one simple thing: Don’t take the words of others so personally.

Once she learned that lesson, Rachel made it her personal mission to discover everything about herself that was messed up deep down and heal it.

In this excerpt from our longer Living 4D conversation, Rachel describes her inspirational journey that began as a teenager, continued as an occupational therapist in the world of conventional medicine and how she found a better way to heal herself then help others do the same by becoming more deeply connected to their true power.

Love and chi,