January 13, 2022

The Wrong Reasons with Chris Duffin

Happy Thursday!

Despite what your buddies may be telling you at the gym, there are very practical reasons why pursuing big muscles and strength may NOT be the best thing for you!

Over and over, I’ve found that many people who work out long and hard tend to be compensating for insecurities they often feel and try to hide… until they get hurt.

What’s more, they do it at the expense of developing strengths in other areas, namely emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Wrong Reasons with Chris Duffin

That viewpoint squares with Chris Duffin, one of the strongest men in the world, who believes lifting heavy weights won’t make you more popular or help you find a partner in life.

In this inspiring excerpt from our recent Living 4D conversation, Chris describes the real value of lifting weights: Overcoming challenges and building greater resilience in all phases of your life.


If you enjoy this short video, I hope you’ll listen to my complete Living 4D conversation with Chris as we talk about writing books and sharing our philosophies on helping kids develop strong bodies the right way.

Love and chi,