May 6, 2021

Minds and Phones: Who is Your Master?

Happy Thursday!

Have you noticed your screen time on your mobile phone or tablet has risen dramatically during the coronavirus lockdown?

A very recent report concluded consumers worldwide are spending more than four hours a day using apps on their mobile devices, a 30 percent jump compared to just two years ago.

Although Americans are spending more than four hours glued to their mobile devices every day, people in three countries — Indonesia, Brazil and South Korea — average more than five hours a day paying attention to apps on their phones.

With these numbers in mind, are you having trouble prying your attention away from your mobile devices too?

Minds and Phones: Who is Your Master?

If you haven’t been paying close attention, it’s definitely time to wake up to the power of your mind and the power of your extended mind that most everyone calls a phone (or a mobile device like a tablet) that has been created to do magic on you…

The real question for you to consider is a simple one: Is your phone/mobile device helping or hurting you?

My focus on this week’s blog/vlog begins with a saying I’ve modified to drive an important point home to you: Minds (phones) make better tools than masters.

When your phone begins controlling your life, you’re in deep, deep trouble because it diverts attention away from your goals, objectives and your dream team.

Is the information you’re receiving from your mobile device supporting you and your dream team?

Watch my vlog and do some heavy thinking about what really matters to you…

Love and chi,