March 16, 2012


Happy Friday to You!

I had a busy, productive day yesterday and I hope you did too.

I got into the gym for a session combining lunges with squatting and reverse Swiss ball crunches. I felt great afterwards too!

When I got home from work, I went into my rock garden and let my inner-spirit guide me through a combination of breathing and unwinding.

I need to do this after putting a heavy Olympic bar on my back because it causes a lot of spinal joint compression, which blocks chi flow.

Most people that lift weights are unaware of the effects all the compression and fascia winding as on their subtle energy systems.

When we realize that the body and mind are one interwoven construct, it becomes easier to feel and perceive how the flow of subtle energies that give us instinct, awareness and intuition are being influenced by our food, exercise and lifestyle choices.

It is this very important reality that led me to create my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! in a holistic, integrated format.


The body is a sacred temple to me. It is the only place I can truly call home; the bank may take my house, car, or even my business, but regardless of life-circumstances, I always have my body~mind as the very basis of my being alive, being human, being free to think and feel my own thoughts and perceptions.

In How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, chapter 6, Energizing Exercises (p. 100-101) I show the correspondences between chakras (energy vortexes or zones) and regions of the body which they most directly influence.

I also share the psychological correlations related to problems being experienced in any given region of the body so that people can look for the underlying ideas or causes that lead to the behavioral expressions and choices that often need to be addressed if long-term healing is the motive.

In my diagram (above), you can look under the heading “Plexus/Glands” to isolate the region of the spine and nervous system that controls any given area you may be experiencing challenges in/with.

If you are unsure of the area by spinal segmentation, you can look at the far right column, which lists “Related Functions”.

Once you’ve isolated the area of concern, you can then look too the left column titled “Main Issue” to see what your body is guiding you to become more aware of in your life.

The colors of each of the chakras represent colors that can be used to help support that system.

For example, if you are having problems with digestion, assimilation, or muscles, yellow may be supportive.

Each color represents energy in the vibrational spectrum of light. Each color reflects light in that color, which is picked up by your eyes and sensory systems and can be used as an energy source.

You may notice that the sounds of the tone scale are also represented in each respective chakra, starting with “DO” at the bottom or root chakra level.

We can use musical instruments or our own voice to generate sounds in that frequency or octave range, which is also a form of energy the body can use to nourish and heal itself.

Though such approaches may sound strange to some people, the truth is that we all inherently know these things are true from our own experiences in life.

For example, most people have had experiences of being in a room in a building where the colors were dull, poorly matched, or overly bright.

When in such an environment, we often have a hard time relaxing, concentrating, and feeling centered within ourselves.

Sometimes, just walking into a restaurant with poor color combinations in the décor turns us off so much that we won’t even bother looking at the menu because our instincts tell us that the energy isn’t supportive of our needs and that no matter how good the food may be, it won’t taste good to us in this environment.

Most people have also had the experience of feeling soothed by music, or by someone who sings beautifully.

Many children will fall asleep much easier if they are played a lullaby, but if you play some “Kiss” or something discordant, the child (and possibly everyone within ear-shot) won’t sleep and may become agitated.

There are volumes of scientific documents supporting what I’m sharing here!

I have trained thousands of CHEK Practitioners and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches worldwide to help you heal your body, balance your emotions, and free your mind.

They know how to perform a very specific individualized evaluation and custom design a holistic program of diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications to help you create, experience, and live your dreams.

You can find a CHEK Practitioner or HLC Practitioner near you by going to and looking in our practitioner locator system.

We would all be well served to understand what “mind” is. Daniel Seigel, MD, psychiatrist and expert at interpersonal neurobiology defines mind as:

MIND: An embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information

The key words I’d like to direct your attention to in this excellent definition of mind are, “an embodied process”. Your “body” is what affords “embodiment of mind”.

If the body is imbalanced or unwell, your capacity to regulate the flow of energy and information will be reflected in and as the imbalance you are experiencing.

This is what my chart of correspondences is showing you.

When we have a dream bigger than our crisis, and we become clear as to the values we must live to experience the dream we have an opportunity to truly manifest positive actions in life.

In PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy, I guide you through a carefully constructed process that allows you to identify where you are holding onto pain and judgments from your life experiences.

I then share ways in which you can convert these experiences into positive awareness so that you can find the benefits hidden within each such experience.

I also take you through a process of identifying the ten components of a legacy (your over-arching dream) and teach you how to establish the core-values needed to maximize the opportunity to fully live and experience your chosen dream.

When we don’t have a dream, we need only get clear on what we don’t want to experience in our lives any longer.

For example, if you don’t want to experience back pain, or financial limitation any longer, that becomes your dream.

In my experience, anyone that honestly goes through the processes I’ve outlined in PPS Lesson 1., quickly learns how powerful their body~mind is and gains the confidence that they can both create a more enjoyable life, and manifest their dreams effectively.

As we master creating the little dreams in our life, we get more confident in ourselves as manifestors.

This has a relaxing effect on our minds, which allows the mind to be more naturally open.

When the mind is open and relaxed, we have access to our instincts and intuitions. With our instincts and intuition functioning optimally, we begin to feel safe in the world.

We realize we are never alone and that the whole Universe is conspiring to live and experience our dreams with us.

As a teacher, I can only share that I’ve used, and do use the methods I share in my personal life every day.

The result is that I feel safe in the world and am more capable and willing to help others experience what I experience.

I have been fortunate to receive literally thousands of letters from people who’ve applied the methods I share informing me that they, their children, spouses, friends and family members who follow the teachings are doing better than ever.

I’ve had hundreds of reports from mothers informing me that prior to finding my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! or a CHEK Practitioner (or HLC Practitioner), their children were unhealthy and often on multiple medical drugs.

Yet, after as little as three months following the plan I’ve laid out and that my Practitioners follow with their work, their kids were drug free and vital again.

Some people of course take as long as a year to achieve well-being, but they notice significant, positive changes each step of the way, keeping them motivated to keep learning, growing and healing.

My dream for humanity is that we all learn How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy together!


Wayne Daniels is a Chek Level 4 Practitioner. I have worked with Wayne extensively over the many years he’s been in training with me and I’ve had the great pleasure of watching his art transpire.

Wayne has done extensive work with shamen both for his own healing, and being trained in native healing methods.

His healing has been evident in his amazing art work, which tells the story of not only Wayne, but of humanity at large.

Wayne recently shared the art piece he created and I asked him to write a little description of what it meant to him so I could share it on my blog.

Well, he did that and here is Wayne’s beautiful art and a description for you.


Love and chi,

Paul Chek

From the shadow side or view, the chess piece in the middle of the two faces could represent the games of manipulation and control we strategically play to achieve and fulfill our dreams.

This view would be correlated to believing that the external environment and all it contains is separate from me and not my responsibility.

If we make life choices based on that perspective we are mainly being influenced by motives like getting attention, being accepted based on what others think of me; I (or we) then live others values and dreams, making it impossible to live my own.

We then feel disempowered and unfulfilled which leaves us in a survival mode perpetually rehashing past behaviors.

Maybe this is the illusion we all have to overcome to live a conscious, healthy and fulfilled life.

From the light side, the two faces represent what I am REALLY looking at and being reminded of is just a mirror of self-experiencing-self through others.

It could be said that our first impression of an experience is not at all what it seems.

Just like the drawing, if we look further and be present with what we’re noticing, another reality emerges that reveals a deeper truth; the two faces become one face exemplifying self realizing self — a truth that has unity and potential steeped within it.

It is there we can be with self to draw on our innate wisdom to open up to self and dreams.

Realizing Self gifts us the awareness to become conscious enough to know that the strategic games we play are solely with ourselves and based on the fabricated story “I” made up to protect myself from my own misperceptions and askew beliefs.

That said, I needed that delusional story of pain and suffering to awaken, heal and discover who I am.

Once we realize the purpose of the story we can be responsible and give up the idea that anyone or anything is separate from ourselves.

In that realization, I can then be present to observe myself observing what I’m experiencing so the experience itself becomes the teacher.

Notice the wise old owl in the chess piece seeing and knowing all. The darker the night the better insight and vision the owl receives.

The dark is where the owl thrives best. The dark is where we sometimes have to venture to receive the wisdom of the owl.

The spiraling vortex beneath each face symbolizes the personal power with which we individually create that becomes the collective power of all.

Each one of us has an influence that reverberates through all that exists. What I choose for self I choose for all.

The periphery of hearts states love is omnipresent and the basis of all life.

All that is experienced is love learning to realize itself as love. Even war could be an act of love intended to resolve an unloving situation.

Maybe we all have to learn to love by experiencing wars, be it personal or global?

As you can see, the hearts are shrouded in darkness.

Is it there where love resides or could it be whatever we think it to be?

Either way, we have been gifted with the experience!

With Grace,

Wayne Daniels
Holistic Health & Fitness
[email protected]