August 1, 2016

The Alternating Single Arm Swiss ball Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise

Happy Monday to You!!

I hope you are all enjoying life, and expressing empathy and compassion for Donald Trump and his wounded followers…

It makes me sad to see so many people rally around a man that is a clear example that power, money, fame, and object possession do not produce wisdom, nor the love we need leaders to exemplify today!

That said, knowing that Hillary Clinton is part of Monsanto’s legal council puts us in “Checkmate!”

Many people have asked me what to do in such a situation. My answer is that it obviously DOES NOT matter who we vote for, the corporate agenda has a stranglehold on democracy.

The presidents that tried to do their job effectively all got shot, so there is a message there.

We no longer have a “White House” but do have a “corporate headquarters” where the giants that are destroying the earth (in the name of so-called science in most cases…) keep feeding scientific materialism, widening the gap between the rich and poor, and funding space programs and military corporations while we have over a billion people who can’t get food and water in the world today!

You vote with your wallet every time you buy something. If you buy anything from companies that are not earth friendly, and “fair trade”, then there is no need to worry about who’s running the corporate headquarters, but there IS EVERY REASON to be very concerned about the future of the planet, and the children we are leaving our mess.

Will our children have the energy, creativity, confidence, and discipline to clean it up before it becomes their death bed?

Our Children Are the Medicine!

It has always been somewhat of a marvel and a mystery to me that we have so many Bible thumping people that get behind destructive presidents and leaders in general.

It is equally amazing that people in adult bodies are so caught in taking mythological stories (of significance) both as literal, and terribly out of context; both with regard to what the scriptures say, and the fact that we are in a very different era that requires language that is useful for addressing the issues of our times.

We need unity, not ethnocentric division, for the problems of the world today are OUR PROBLEMS, all of us.

That said, the children are the hope for our future, and the hope for the planets well-being.

I just watched this interview with a 13 year-old Maxwell Loughan, physicist (Boy Genius), who shares his views on solving our energy crisis, the Bible, and God!!

Have a look and be inspired:

The interviewer is Richard Greene, who wrote a kids ebook called, E=MC2 and The New Definition of God. You can check that out here:

In my blog today, I will also share:
1. The Alternating Single Arm Swiss ball Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise
2. Show-N-Tell With Paul

So lets get started:

The Alternating Single Arm Swiss ball Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise

Today, I share a great way to combine the Swiss ball, dumbbells, balance and stability development, and a means of keeping the rib cage and neck functionally mobilized.

The Alternating Single Arm Swiss ball Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise is easy to do, and can be done with a wide variety of loads from body weight only, kettlebells, medicine balls, right on up to heavy dumbbells for the bad asses. I hope you enjoy learning and playing with this exercise.

If you’d like to learn many more such exercises, you will find my DVD series titled “Stong-N-Stable” and my “Gym Instructor Series” very helpful.

Show-N-Tell With Paul

I am delighted that my CHEK Totem Pole Banner is available!

TotemPoleBannerThese come with stand options too. They are a great reminder of the process we use working with clients.

On Saturday, we went to a big party put on by Total Gym, at the home of Tom and Joy Campanaro (part of the founding team of Total Gym).

Tom Campanaro has turned the running of the company over to his son Jesse, who, now 36 (two weeks younger than my son, Paul Chek Jr.) has risen through the ranks of the company to be ready to manage such a big company.

I began working with Tom and Joy Campanaro in 1988, when our boys were “boys” and I had a full head of hair…wow…time flies.

Jesse is among the very best athletes I’ve ever coached to this day after 32+ years in the game.

He and his beautiful wife have two lovely children and I’m excited to see what happens when Jesse unleashes his athletic, creative mind moving forward.

Total Gym set the record for the most successful infomercial selling exercise equipment with over 7 years (if I remember correctly) topping 100 million annually in gross sales. Some of you probably remember seeing Chuck Norris and Kristi Brinkley on their infomercials.

I still use the Total Gym for specific client situations to this day.

Our Family TG Party 7-30-16
Here you can see us on the lawn at the Campanaro home having a great time together.

Family Love

I love the photo of Angie feeding Penny because it shows how beautifully two women can work together to support each other, and the common good of the family raising Mana and running the C.H.E.K Institute – and yes, Penny feeds Angie quite often too.

Angie is truly a “Master Teacher” of my living philosophy, and Penny travels to support her by caring for Mana when she’s teaching.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a mother that didn’t need “a wife!” to support her.

It is truly amazing to me how much work one child can be for these two intelligent, capable women.

They too have a lot of empathy for women raising children without help, particularly, god forbid, single mothers… wow!

Bless them all!

Its been very hot here at my work house (Heaven House), but regardless, Mana loves to be outside with us.

Mana and Momma Heaven house

Angie works out with Mana in his harness, and has been involved in Angie’s workouts since we could first carry him in his harness.

This kid LOVES to move, to dance, to hike, and seems to have a deep love of trees.

Mana really resists falling asleep, it’s as though he feels he may miss something magical, so he really fights sleep.

Sometimes his Momma needs a break so I take him and walk with him, sing to him, or play him to sleep.

Mana sleeping on swing with Daddy

This photo above with Mana in my arms was taken when we just finished a walk and he wasn’t asleep yet, but I rocked him on the singing bench and sang lullaby songs to him until he passed out.

There is no way to measure the amount of love I have for this amazing little guy.

What a joy! God embodied is how I see it personally.

That is how I see ALL children, and how we should all see them.

Mana loves to drum, which is cool because his big brother loves to drum too.

My buddy and client Jason is an AMAZING drummer, so I had to send this little clip of Mana drumming to him; we both love watching and supporting each others kids growth and development.

Angie is not only a very committed mother, she studies extensively, looking for any and all good, holistic information produced by “wise elders” on how to raise children.

She’s been working with Mana to develop his ability to make the key sounds that underlie language in general and to develop his creative ability to play with sound.

Here you can see her teaching him to do Indian calls. So fun!

Jacquie is my friend and client Jason’s wife. Jacquie and Jason have two beautiful daughters from their marriage, and Jacquie also has two from her previous marriage, so she’s well versed in motherhood.

I’ve had the amazing experience of watching her art blossom!

Jacquje Divine Mother 7-26-16

She recently painted the piece above (click on it to open it up!). She didn’t give me a name for it, but I’ve taken the liberty of calling this one “Divine Mother,” because that is what I see and feel in her, and the painting.

Great job Jacquie! I love it!!

CHEK Faculty Donal Carr (and his wife Cathy) produces some amazing art too. I have several of his amazing pieces of art here in my house to enjoy each day.

Donal Carr eye drawing 8-1-16

Donal just sent me this one he’s recently started. I can’t wait to see what it ends up looking like? Donal, please keep expressing your beautiful inner-world Bud!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog this week.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

PS: If you’d like to see what’s new and exciting at the C.H.E.K Institute, read or listen to one of our many excellent blogs.