December 27, 2010

Stone Healing!

Hello and Happy Day to all!

I hope Santa was good to you! Santa brought me tremendous beauty in relationship to my family, my nature friends, and the stones in my yard. Vidya gave me some lovely healing tools (shown here), which you can see me experiencing in the photo. Lovely powerful tools! Thank you Vidya!

My soul offered me some new, fun and very challenging rock experiences in the past few days as well. It was time to build something entirely new, so I was led to create a new meditation seat. This is how I ground myself at home each day and give myself the gift of connection to all that I am. In the first of the series here, you can see me lifting one of these very heavy rocks. This is not for the faint-hearted. These rocks can weigh as much as 300 pounds, are slippery, very hard to hold onto, and, often need to be both balanced and placed high in a configuration. This takes 100% total concentration if smashed fingers and toes or broken bones is to be avoided! In the second picture, you can see my finished meditation seat. The third shows me sitting in my new creation for the first time. It is lovely! Very stabilizing and calming.

When it rains here in Southern California, there is a tremendous amount of etheric energy in the atmosphere, which is magnified significantly if the sun comes out during of just after the rain. I had a chance to catch another sunset showing the etheric energy field and wanted to share some of this (typically hidden) beauty with you!

I hope you are taking time to quietly weave your dreams for the New Year.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek