May 6, 2011


Hello and happy Friday!

I can’t overstate how great it is to be home!

My body is returning to it’s home~rhythm much faster than it adapted to Sydney’s rhythm, which is great. I saw Wes Boyce at the Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage Center yesterday. He gave me a fantastic head-to-toe massage and then I had a steam before sharing on my PPS coaching call at noon. If you are ever in Encinitas and want a good, deep! massage, Wes is he man; but make sure he’s not too busy for me before you book ☺.

I have been using a practice I once used for some time for my spiritual development. I study some of a particular Master’s teachings, and then I render what rises in me artistically.

I feel I can more easily embody the teachings by engaging with the teachings in a way I find joyful.

When I remember the teaching as a teaching that came with happiness, I find it is easier for me to incorporate the wisdom.

My left brain and adrenals don’t get into defense mode (to serve my shadow-nature) if I create change for happiness.

When I’m anchored in the knowing that any resistance I meet in living the teaching is the kind of resistance that allows me to feel what I’m creating, I can sense if I’m moving in the direction of my stated Dream.

Life is much like a gym in that though there are lots of things you can do in a gym. There are equally as many things to do in a gym that may not serve you or your dream.

If your dream is to be a great dancer and I train you like a bodybuilder, you muscles will get big along with your appetite, your agility will diminish along with your endurance, and your weight gain will eat up your jumping power!

If you dream is to be free in mind and unafraid to love, then we must expect to let go of ideas that offer resistance to that freedom of mind. By doing the things that express your dream, you root the dream not just in the mental-body, but all the way down through the body into the muscles, bones, viscera and emotions.

Since we can’t do two things at once, each time the urge to deviate from the compass bearing of our dream, we are given an opportunity to become aware of what we are about to choose. Since you’ve usually done things that no longer serve you potentially uncountable times, these habits are ingrained. They are facilitated.

If you use your awareness of your dream and the values you choose to live – by necessity of actualizing the dream – then you are in-graining a new body-mind program.

You don’t want to fight with your old ways or ideas of who, what, why or how. This only keeps those circuits alive when you want the neurons to let go of that activity pattern.

By focusing on and choosing to live your dream and the concomitant behaviors, you deactivate any power-source to the old behavior patterns.

Like I say in PPS Lesson 1, don’t water weeds if you don’t want to grow them.

Debating with yourself about what you are afraid of is equal to diagnosing yourself – which gives the ego yet another thing to believe and worry about.

My lesson to share with you today is how I feel about Lau Tzu’s concept of the practice of living in Tao.

The picture shows me experiencing the push and pull of the Universal-mind and feeling for my center in the gaps.

My note to myself reads as follows:
you are centered,
not shaken by events.
Centered in our hearts
we are a keystone
to All we love.
At one with life itself.
Knowing Center,
we easily recognize deviations
they guide us back
to who we really are.

This, we call awareness of TAO

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek