April 22, 2011


Hello and Happy Earth Day!

I hope you get outside and connect with the mother for all her nurturing love today.

Yesterday, I spent the day at home resting in preparation to fly to Sydney later today.

As is often the case, I have so much to do to prep for the trip, I initially found it challenging to go into deep, relaxed rest. I had to remind myself that all work and no play makes Paul a dull boy.

Once I gave my self permission to let go of the world for the day, I took naps and played in my rock garden. I did some great heavy lifting and just had fun without attachment to my creations. It felt lovely!

I fasted until about 2:00 in the afternoon to give my organs a rest, which also felt great and left me with a very clear mind.

Today, I’d like to continue our How Life Works blog series: RELATIONSHIPS
(NOTE: when reading my blog, if you click on an image, it will appear by itself. If you click it again, it will expand to its full size so you can see more detail.)

Referring to our “How Life Works” image, we see a dotted circle below the top dotted circle containing the words “Consciousness” and “Unconditional Love”.

The circle below labeled in green (RELATIONSHIPS) is dotted because All Relationships can’t be know “as this”, or “as that”. Any “this or that” comes by way of the principle of exclusion, which is the providence of the ego-mind.

Therefore, All Relationships are expressions of WHOLENESS. Wholeness can’t be divided if wholeness is to exist.


To understand how desire and will are created, we must revisit UCL for a more comprehensive understanding, which I can do in brief after the explanation that I gave in our previous blog on UCL.

If you look at my diagram above, you see the numeral Zero, which is my chosen symbol for UCL because like UCL, or THE ABSOLUTE (or GOD), Zero has only two essential qualities:

1. It has no boarder, boundary or definition, and therefor, is empty of any “thing” in and of ITSELF. Yet,

2. Because it has no boarder, boundary or definition, it contains ALL THAT IS “within itself”. We know that existence “is something”, “is real” because here we all are!

Here, a paradox or relationship emerges.

Your first exercise was to put a circle on a page with your favorite hero symbolized in the circle. Then, you were asked to have a partner walk away from you and notice that as they walk away, first your hero disappears, then your circle representing the world disappears.

I stated that even a pinhole in the paper representing the entire universe would be an overstatement relative to the ABSOLUTE. Because the Absolute has now beginning or end, it can’t be measured or known. It is BIGGER THAN BIG, VASTER THAN VAST!

That said, we must remember that, paradoxically, THE ABSOLUTE can’t exist as UCL without a relative. That relative is by definition, relativity or relationship.

In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu says, “All things have their back to The Mother.”

This means that Consciousness as UCL can’t possibly see any “thing” outside Itself.

All relationships exist In UCL, or In GOD.

It is only because you did the exercise that you can begin to comprehend how relativity actually works. The size of your hero was relative to (the distance of) your perception; remember our previous discussion of “percept vs. concept”.

Each concept has a context in which percept depends. When you are close enough to your hero figure, you can perceive your hero as this or that.

When your relative relationship changes, moving more toward the ABSOLUTE reality as you move away, your perception changes. Once your percept of concept can’t be “perceived on the page representing THE ABSOLUTE”, you are left to “imagine your concept”.

This is the providence of belief! This is the providence of “mind”.

How Relationship Emerges In An Absolute Reality

An ABSOLUTE can have only the two qualities mentioned above; It is “NO-THING”, and therefore, has, and IS “EVERY-THING” within.

In my diagram depicting THE ZERO of THE ABSOLUTE or UCL, you see solid black at the bottom. The black represents “matter”.

The word matter comes from the root meaning “to measure”. You can only measure something. Matter and “yin”, the feminine quality of THE ABSOLUTE are synonyms.

At the top end of my ZERO diagram, you see emptiness represented by yellow, which symbolizes light.

Quantum physics has shown that photons are bosons. Bosons are mass-less” bodies. They are empty of .

Therefore, we can now understand that as matter approaches Absolute density, it has no other direction to turn except to become light. Yin gives birth to yang.

If you study how black holes work in Astronomy (Steven Hawkings gives good explanations), you find that they suck every “thing” into themselves, including light(!), from millions of miles around.

The black hole compresses the light, gasses and solids to such density that a nuclear explosion occurs. A star is born.

What was once cold matter floating around in an extremely cold, DARK environment called “space” now turns itself (metaphorically) inside-out becoming light. She (yin) turns into He (yang).

Matter is gravity producing and light is levity producing. We have roots in matter and we grow toward the light.

In Hindu metaphysics, the Dark and matter would be Vishnu, the maintainer; without water acting on a rock, it would maintain its shape, form and density.

Shiva is the transformer; the fire that gives off the light of a star is the transformative agent, without which there would be no space-time relationship or!relativity.

Brahma in the Hindu Trinity is UCL or Consciousness. Without Vishnu (matter) and Shiva (fire~light), Consciousness would have no-thing to be conscious of.

In Christian ideology, Brahma is “Father”, Son is “Vishnu” (matter or body) and The Holy Ghost is “Shiva”.

It is the interaction of the two elemental qualities of THE ABSOLUTE that create any and ALL RELATIONSHIPS. The word that describes ALL RELATIONSHIPS is “MIND”.

This is what it means when a spiritual master tells people that their problems are all in their mind.

Looking at the diagram again now, you notice that the transition between Deep yin (black) and Complete Illumination (light at the top of Zero) creates a stream, a two-way street if you will.

There, you see the Cosmic “I”. This is GOD’s Ego! It is, paradoxically, because God is forever coming to know God that you have an ego. This is what it means in the Bible when God says, all things are created in My Likeness.


Matter and unconditioned space being BLACK naturally absorb the light. When matter attracts light (an energy source) into itself, it become enlivened. The attractive force of matter or yin is the origin of DESIRE.

Light being relatively empty of, naturally absorbs DARK, creating movement from dark to light. This movement is the transformational force we refer to as WILL.

Because both matter and light offer opportunity, direction, transformation and experience “of” to each other, DESIRE AND WILL are interchangeable polarities. How we assign them is relative and dependent upon what it is that we are trying to express.

Practical Exercise

1. Take a black sheet of paper and draw a white dot on it or drop a small piece of white paper on it.

2. Now, ask yourself, “is the white positive in polarity or expression, or is it negative?”

3. Next, take a white sheet of paper and drop a small piece of black paper or make a small solid black circle on it. “Is that black circle a positive, or a negative expression on the white background?”

What you will find is that there is no right or wrong expression. This is the domain of percept and concept. As long as I understand the conceptual definition you have, I can understand what it is that you’d like me to perceive.

Think of how many times not understanding concept in the way the other assumed you did, and how your perception of them or what they said created conflict in relationships?

This is why, for example, it is often better to leave “God” out of any discussions with people until you are sure everyone is working on the same “conceptual basis or understanding”, which is the ONLY way we can align our perceptual faculty.

Now we are in place to perceive how it is that UCL becomes conditional love, which is the source of all relationships.

Paul can’t speak to Penny unless there are conditions that create the illusion that Paul’s self is not Penny’s self.

A screwdriver is only useful in relationship to a mechanic because his hand isn’t a screw driver, yet, the screw driver has no functionality unless there is a hand to “screw things with it”.

The Universe is born of sex (yin and yang copulating and transforming each other) and violence; violence describes the nature of how stars are created, transformed, and die, only to be transformed again through the violent compressive nature of a black hole (extreme yin), which leads to an extremely violent explosion producing light (yang).

Once a star is born, conditions are created, in which life as we know it emerges.

Once we mature through our own stages of birth, learning to work with and manage conditions, we develop empathy and compassion for all who have not matured in their understanding of the life process.

Finally, after an indeterminate period of time in our own individual and collective evolution, we may choose to let go of desire and will, returning again to UCL.

Once that decision is made!you loose your ego-mind and therefore, have no percept or concept. Choosing to enter UCL again literally means that in the next instant (NOW)!you may wake up as a cockroach, a tree, or a comet shooting through the undefined space of the universe.

In our “How Life Works” diagram, you see the word “Te” to the left of Will. This word means “creation”.

If there were no will, no light, no Shiva, no Holy Ghost, there would be no movement with which to “create”.

So, now that we understand the basics, we can say that matter embodies, light transforms (enlivens), and mind experiences RELATIONSHIPS; simply think of how a tree grows with it’s roots in the soil as it forever reaches for the light, and bears fruit as a product of this relationship.

If you look now at my diagram titled Love Code tai-chi, you can revisit these elemental relationships and some of the qualities I’ve assigned to them in preparation for your next experiential exercise.

Practical Exercise

Take a few minutes to jot a few notes down as to what your life would be or be like if there were no relationships?

Jot down a few notes about the relationships that:

A. You have most enjoyed, and

B. That you have found painful have helped you transform into a wiser, more loving and more beautiful person.

C. Remember that all judgments represent unmet needs. Now that you have these notes, and you understand that UCL can’t say “NO” to you, what unmet needs might you or the challenging people in your relationships been expressing a need for empathy for?

D. How may you access your UCL potential with more empathy and compassion for yourself and those that were challenging in relationships so that in future meetings, you don’t feel the need to become painfully entangled?

E. What will be your future actions of compassion? For yourself? For others?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your blog and the exercises today.

Please remember to apply your love to Mother Earth today and everyday!

Love and chi,
The Paul Chek of You!