June 16, 2011


Good Day to All!

I trust you are all well. I had a lovely productive day yesterday. I’m making progress on my rewrite of HTEM&BH!

I had a great HLC and PPS coaching call too. Great questions!

I love supporting all my students. It is my dream to facilitate their dreams so when I can help them do that, I feel like I’m living my legacy!

We are getting lots of conference registrations, which is exciting. I’m also getting more confirmations from great presenters, which is also quite exciting. More great sharing opportunities.

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of this series I’ve just started. Let’s dive into Part 2.


Crystal balls have been used for ages as a means of seeing into the future.

Each person we interact with in our lives offers us a crystal ball. Whenever we are in relationship with another, inevitably, sooner or later, we find that there are things we like or love about that person, and there are things that put us off in some way.

You’ve heard me say this, most people focus on what they don’t like, often missing a great opportunity to celebrate the beautiful things that can be fond in anyone if you are willing to look honestly for them.

OSHO says, “if you have a favorite poet, never go see them in person. Inevitably, you will find that they drink, smoke, have bad breath and tell bad jokes.” This exemplifies my point.

One may love the poetry, but once they meet the poet, they may choose to let the bad breath, smoking, or (perceived) bad joke so cloud their view of the very person that once gave them great joy that they no longer want to even read or listen to their poetry.

Very sad indeed. Specially considering that sometimes I have bad breath, smoke, and tell bad jokes!

If we conceive that Love is the driving force and essential base energy of the Universe, then we must also conclude that is true of every product of the Universe.

Therefore, each person is a crystal ball to the degree that:

  • We look for the beauty of them and remind ourselves of how much joy that beauty gives us. We can choose to emulate that beauty in our lives. To the degree that we do, the “crystal ball” shows you what your future looks like when including those beautiful qualities within your own being.
  • We can see the negative aspects that, if emulated, show us exactly what we may look like and be perceived as/like by others. What a great gift! We can learn from the negative traits as easily and effectively as the positive traits.
  • When you see the beauty of a person in your crystal ball, you may well be looking at an Angel!

In Part 3., I’ll discuss what an “Angel” is in our life and how to best take advantage of our Angels so we don’t loose the opportunity!

Enjoy the mirror and the crystal ball until then.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek