September 13, 2010

L0Ve As The Basis for Self-Healing Webinar Series

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, I’m pretty obsessed with God and L0Ve but a lot of my students are actually confused about what L0Ve is as God and why I feel this is so important for actualizing your personal or professional Dream! So, I’ve just developed my next Webinar 4-Part L0Ve As the Basis for Self-Healing Series, the purpose is to teach people what love is and how to purposefully use it to create levity in their lives. In each 90-minute lesson, I’ll illuminate our understanding of love through a progressive stage model uncovering the elements of

  • Unconditional Love
  • Sex and Violence Love
  • Conditional Love
  • Empathetic and compassionate love

In my first Webinar of L0Ve As The Basis for Self-Healing Series: Unconditional L0Ve, I will lay the foundation for my 1~2~3~4 L0Ve Model to help you identify what unconditional L0Ve is and what that means for you personally, professionally and spiritually and as one who also has relationships with people, places and things.

All the great traditions, religions and truths talk about ultimate love as unconditional love. But what is unconditional love really? Is it an ideal that we can truly aspire too? Or is it a proverbial carrot that most traditions dangle as a means to entangle us into a web of beliefs with their corresponding opposites?

In my 90 minute Webinar, Monday, Sept 28, 12pm, I’ll

  • Illuminate the truth of Unconditional L0Ve ~ Your Soul Nature
  • Facilitate an understanding of Unconditional L0Ve that breaks the shackles of religious and social dogma
  • Help you to align with a benevolent force greater than you can imagine
  • Explore ways where you can uncover the power of Unconditional L0Ve in your life
  • Assist you to harness Unconditional L0Ve as a source of levity in the creation of extraordinary manifestation and purpose

Unconditional L0Ve ~ That’s my invitation to you!

Join me for one of my most important Webinar series on L0Ve today and fill yourself with an unlimited source that will change your life for good and ground you in living authentically from your heart!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you then.

Love and chi,