July 2, 2012


Happy Monday to ALL!

I’m home to one of the most beautiful spots on planet earth ~ Vista, California!! I get to rest deeply, eat organic food, play, do art, sing and dance, lift stones and workout in my gym this week!

Life is incredibly good!

My beautiful wife Penny picked me up in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon and I feel so spoiled, she created a wonderful meal for me. There is nothing like true organic food – I can really taste the difference after being on the road.

I spent time yesterday evening in my garden delighting in the sounds of the bees, humming birds and crows, savoring my treats and slept in my own bed.

Although I’m jet lagged, (yes wide awake at 2:30am) I have a nice massage and steam scheduled this morning and will most likely fall asleep on the table.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone once again for all their support and love during my time in Sweden and UK.

Matt Wallden, you are amazing my man, keep up the good work!

The Barefoot Conference was really amazing. I was blown away at how many of my students are vibrating radiant health – it shows in their posture and their glowing vibrancy. It was really great to meet some of them at the event ~ I’m very proud of you all!


Time has a center
From which it moves in waves.

Sunset is sunrise for another; yet,
Neither are the case for the sun.

Sand dunes are but waves standing
Water is the same waves rising and falling
Water is in love with the breeze.

Movement loves to sleep
Sleep loves to move
Both create your dreams.

TAO-TE-zen Practice is as stacking stones
Finding center.

Yet, a center only exists in waves
Waves are centered in life.

The ground is not the beginning of the tree
It is the center.

Water on the ground both sinks, and rises
Which one do you see?

Zen is your life-mandala
Painting waves.

Everywhere Is center

~ O ~

That is zen.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek