September 23, 2013

How To Survive In A Modern World Pt. 6: Having A Spiritual Practice ~*~

Happy Monday to You!

In my blog today, I share:

1. An intro with a great discount offer on your new HealthMate IR sauna.

2. Lyme Less, Live More: My interview with Brent Martin and Dana Walsh on how to heal from Lyme’s disease and links to their amazing new site and offering.

3. The Fire Shaman: My art this weekend and some comments about what it means, which takes us beautifully into,

4. How To Survive In A Modern World Pt. 6: Having A Spiritual Practice. This is my final video in this short series of six. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Introduction

I hope you have all been enjoying our current vblog and blog series on surviving in a modern world. As a Holistic Health Practitioner that consults people with health challenges from all over the world, I can assure you that the issues I discuss in this series are real, and that failure to effetely manage one’s self in a modern world does cause fatigue, illness and disease very frequently!

This weekend was a nice mix of resting at home, doing some drawing, enjoying some nice detoxification and meditation sessions in my HealthMate IR sauna, watering my fruit trees, catching up on work, and visiting friends.

By the way, I have arranged for any of you who would like to enjoy the healing benefits of an IR sauna to get 30% off and free delivery anywhere in the US when you mention my name or that you heard of the offer on my blog. If you’d like to learn more about the healing benefits of the HealthMate IR saunas, just click through and you can read what I wrote up in a previous blog and take advantage of my offer if you so desire.

2. Lyme Less AND Live More!


Every now and then, I get the great joy of seeing one of my students really embody the teachings I share with them, and become a great gift to society as a living example of what is possible when we heal. Brent Martin is one of those special students.

Brent is a C.H.E.K HLC 2 and a PPS Success Mastery Program Practitioner. Several years ago, I worked closely with Brent, guiding him through a period of life-transition.

His healing work with me included shamanic healing. I used this approach with him initially as both a healing approach, and as a test to see how open to new experiences (change) he was. Brent embraced the healing methods and teachings fully, and went on to be a huge supporter of Bill Wolcott’s metabolic typing movement (see: for more information). You can check out his program on his website:

Brent and his partner Dana Walsh both have been dealing with the challenges of Lyme’s Disease, which can be a very debilitating disease. I have coached a number of people with Lyme’s Disease over the years, and have first hand knowledge of the many challenges it can bring to one’s life.

Brent and Dana have launched a beautiful new site to support people with Lyme’s Disease, and help educate professionals that deal with patients with Lyme’s disease ( They recently interviewed me and asked if I could share some of my thoughts on how to both heal from Lyme’s disease, and convert the experience of healing into a positive life experience.

In the interview, I share some of the challenges with regard Lyne’s disease handled through conventional medical approaches, and how anyone can fulfill the requirements for long-term healing by making a few changes in their perspective of the disease.

When any disease is seen as an offering to find balance in your life, or as an opportunity to learn how to heal so you can share your authentic knowledge with others, then disease is no longer seen as some form of evil or anti-Christ.

Instead, disease is respected as a teacher we can learn to live and love more effectively from. If you click the link here, you can view my interview (on day 3: Energetics) and many other interviews with highly skilled health and medical professionals with great. The program has practical information anyone can use, weather or not you have Lyme’s disease:

3. The Fire Shaman

Fire Shaman
Drawing is a form of spiritual practice for me. I often have visions during the day, and sometimes at night I have lucid dreams that inspire my artistic self-expression. This drawing of The Fire Shaman came to me in a vision and I felt compelled to draw what I was seeing inside.

In one of his many amazing poems, Rumi says, “I want Burning! I want Burning!”, implying that he is open for any experience that will burn away the ego so that he can once again be One with God.

Some shaman demonstrate their spiritual abilities by manipulating the elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air and space). The Fire Shaman is showing that for thousands of years (he’s a primal shaman), shaman have been able to access, understand, relate to, and manipulate the forces of nature within themselves as a means of aiding in the healing of others; certainly there have been shaman that used these powers negatively (black magic) to cast spells and curses, or even kill enemies of their tribe.

I personally feel that much of what I experience within myself and feel inspired to draw are expressions of my own evolution, and the processes that we all go through as human beings. The Fire Shaman is a reminder to me that we are all on a soul-journey to explore what we truly are and that the fires of life are there to keep us moving forward toward our ultimate goal of Self-Realization.

If we each take an honest moment and review our lives as I show in PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy, how we eventually evolve into the realization that what we once thought was a disaster, or a source of great pain in our lives, greatly contributed to who we are today.

We find that we have become wiser, more capable of loving and understanding others because of the pain and challenges we’ve lived through; we develop more empathy and compassion for self and others.

It is interesting to me that the Fire Shaman came through me this weekend, just in time to share with you today, when our vlog topic is “Having A Spiritual Practice”.

How To Survive In A Modern World Pt. 6: Having A Spiritual Practice

Wheel Of Life 4 Doctors
Having a spiritual practice, in my opinion, is necessary to get past the intellectual-ego-mind (programmed mind) and find some deeper meaning in the life process.

Many people in the world today tout fancy, advanced academic degrees, drive fancy cars while wearing fancy clothes on the way to and from their fancy houses…but are often empty inside. The masks never cover up what we see when we look into someone’s eyes – or the feelings we feel when we hug them.

The spiritual life is both an investigation of what love is, and the practice of becoming a little better at loving each day – becoming a wiser, more whole person.

I define spirituality as taking responsibility for what you create moment-to-moment in your life. In my video today, I also explore:

– The importance of loving yourself first, as a means of being authentic with others.

– The importance of resistance in our lives and how to embrace resistance in your spiritual practice, and

– Virtues as an important aspect of our spiritual life; how are virtues different than ethics?

I hope that your take away from my vlog series helps you to cultivate a path of support to truly surviving in a modern world.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek