September 9, 2013

How To Survive In a Modern World: Pt. 3: Base Rhythms

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

In this blog:
1. I will share some highlights from my weekend, then
2. Pt.3 of our current series and discuss the importance of healthy base rhythms for surviving in a modern world.

Highlights From My Weekend

My weekend was a lovely mix of rest, and work that I enjoy doing. Friday, I didn’t do too much outside of what I’d refer to as “pure joy”! I relaxed in my yard, did some light drawing, had a couple rounds in my HealthMate IR sauna, fasted through the day until dinner, and watched a movie.

Saturday, I came up to my Heaven House to check on the garden and make sure the plants and trees had enough water; it’s very hot and dry up here! I enjoyed lazing around and reading a great book for a while.

After I got some lazy time in, I spent several hours refining my HLC 1 slide show for my instructors. Working on slide shows can be dangerous because several hours can go by in a few minutes! I feel great about the outcome and am excited to have the new and improved version of HLC 1 out there.

For those of you who are interested in my approach to holistic living and issues of nutrition and lifestyle, Angie Lustrick, Licensed Nutritionist, CP1, HLC 3 ( will be teaching HLC 1 in San Francisco October 4-6, 2013. To learn more:

Angie is an excellent presenter and was voted by her peers at the CHEK Conference in 2011 as The Ultimate CHEK Professional. She is a great example of my holistic health teachings and brings a wealth of practical, clinical experience to her students.

I’m elated to have her teaching for the C.H.E.K Institute and you will know why when you are sitting, standing, moving, breathing, and feeling the joy of learning from a real pro in her classes!

I recently received a great email from Bill Wolcott. Bill is a long time friend of mine, and I learned Metabolic Typing® through Dodi Anderson, who was his top teacher for many years. Bill is founder of “Healthexcel” (see: ), and undoubtedly the most prominent expert in Metabolic Typing® today.

Bill informed me that he has begun including my DVD series, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials as part of his metabolic training studies for his students.


Healing F and P Infections coverBill and I are both very interested in helping people get to the root causes of their health challenges, and I was really elated he was in harmony with the approach I offer for preventing and healing fungal and parasite infections. If you would like to learn more about my very practical, effective methods for dealing with fungal and parasite challenges, available through the CHEK Institute.

Getting higher
After several productive hours refining my HLC 1 slide show, and falling into a seeming black hole, I emerged at about 5:00, feeling the need of exercise and a more physical expression of my creativity.

Here you can see me out in my rock circle Saturday evening getting a good workout in, and expressing my creativity fully. I dismantled most of what was already built in my stone circle, and started something fresh and fun.

When I want to really get a good adrenaline buzz, I go for the big stones, and try to reach the sun with them . Here you can see how I do this without using a ladder. I can’t safely go much higher than this without a ladder because the stones tend to shift and I’m often hoisting heavy loads in very tight spaces.

I’ve had some very scary, exciting experiences, but not the kind you want to “invite” back into your life.

Stack Completion
This is the finished stack. I knocked the crown off of it a couple times, so eventually found a stone that would stay perched well enough that it could withstand a bird landing on it. Just click on the picture and it will enlarge.

Stone Circle
This is how my stone circle looked at the end of the day Saturday after a good hour and a half of playtime. Some of the stacks were built by a friend of mine and I like to leave the stacks created by my friends as long as I can.

It’s my way of sharing their beauty with the land and keeping something of their vibration with me so I can celebrate their presence in my rock garden when I go out there.

I still have a stone mandala Ryan Hughes built out there a good six months ago and I still love seeing it each day. If you knew how cool Ryan Hughes was, you’d enjoy seeing his mandala each day too.

Sunday, I came to work to write and recorded a meditation to help a client with the birthing process. It took me some time relaxing to get calm enough to do this work, and I really enjoyed the process.

After recording a new meditation, I went home and rebuilt my giant stack. It finally fell over after enduring a series of windstorms. I didn’t have the desire to rebuild it way up in the air – which requires the use of a ladder and a very meditative state – so I created something nice to balance the energy in the garden and give the birds a new perch.

I enjoyed watering my trees, and enjoyed another fresh fig from my little fig tree; she’s just giving us our first figs after three years of growth from a sapling. It’s such an amazing joy to watch nature do her magic, and be part of it!

My little fig tree’s figs are INCREDIBLE. So fun! Our backyard garden at home continues to pour out produce. Penny is the master backyard gardener of the house. It amazes me how much produce she’s harvested from a bed garden the size of a twin bed!

How To Survive In a Modern World: Pt. 3: Base Rhythms

In the past 100 years, the amount of electromagnetic (ELM) pollution has skyrocketed to levels that are very challenging for our physiology to manage. We now have cities all over the world that literally never sleep!

Not only is this dangerous to our health, it is dangerous to the health of many creatures in nature, such as bees; bees have been found to be adversely effected by ELM pollution and electric lighting, as are many other creatures we need to support in nature.

Cities Up All Night

Industry has continued to expand, and technology is on the forefront of lifestyle influences. Although “science and technology” are worshiped by many for making our lives easier, the truth from a health perspective is that “easier is not easier in the long-run!”

On top of it all, we have been programmed by business gurus for the past 100 years to believe that if we don’t work 60+ hours a week, we’ll never be successful…

People from all walks of life, from elementary school children to bakers, athletes, mountaineers and business executives often suffer from anxiety, fatigue, and a sense that they can’t ever get any deep rest. In my observation, much of the problem comes from embracing and becoming overly-dependent upon a wide variety of technologies, with computers and cell phones leading the way!

We have become so information oriented, it is as though we believe ideas more than the experiences we are having. For example, the “idea” that such and such stock may go up or down, can easily have an investor glued to their phone or computer at all hours of the day and night.

For many others, the idea of fatigue and the need for sleep is displaced by the idea of “keeping up with what’s going on”… Instead of sleeping, a stream of text messages, emails, and web visits take the forefront.

Sooner rather than later, such a person begins having a variety of health problems. Sadly, they often approach their health problems with the same mindset that created them; they scan the web for “quick fix solutions” that can be applied in just a few minutes, which seldom ever works.

Your BASE Rhythms

SunMoonCycleYour base rhythms are:

1. Annual: seasonal cycles.

2. Lunar: moon cycle

3. Circadian/24 Hour Sleep-Wake cycle.

4. Meal cycle

5. Activity cycle

There is no “quick fix” solution for a disrupted base rhythms except adjusting your base rhythm to be in harmony with Mother Nature, and your individual health needs to the very best of your ability. If you don’t, She begins making adjustments for you; the kind that are sure to bring you into awareness of your choices!

Stress Man
In my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, and in my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!, I share methods of assessing yourself and practical corrective measures you can take to find balance in your life again.

In my video blog today, I cover the importance of base rhythms, and give some tips for restoring your natural rhythms so your health and vitality is easier to achieve and maintain.

As I share in my video blog, many of our health problems are the direct result of trying to “manage time”. Time can’t be managed. We all get the same 24 hours in a day.

In my PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2: Self Mastery and Lesson 3: Goal Setting, I share very practical tips and exercises for restoring your base rhythm. I explain that time can’t be managed, only activities can be managed.

Only when we have a clearly defined dream, goal, or objective, can we establish healthy values that facilitate the achievement of our dreams and our well-being.

The key here is to first understand what it means to be a human being, and have a human body. Once we realize what that means, we are more likely to be willing to create our days such that they offer us nourishment for our creative self expression, as well as meeting our professional needs, and our personal financial needs.

Typically, people won’t assert themselves in this direction until they are in pain. Then, they need the help of a skilled medical professional (you may have to look hard!), or a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach in your community to determine how to create balance and restore their vitality.

I hope you enjoy the blog today.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek