May 3, 2011


G-DAY! As the Aussies say. . .

Well, I’ve finished teaching HLC 2 at Myall Shores Resort, a few hours drive from Sydney. HQH, Greg Doherty and his lovely assistant Shara really hosted a great course for us this year.

Today I got my best sleep yet, but could still use a few great dumps! I woke up to the joy of a lovely espresso, a bit of native tobacco and herbs, and some Lau Tzu. Donal and I read a verse that our souls called us to and then created a piece of art to express the lesson. This way, we can quickly embody the teaching so it becomes our Way more efficiently, more zen.

In the pic above you see Donal Carr and his lovely family. Donal is our only CHEK Instructor in Australia and he was learning how to teach HLC 2 with me this trip. Cathy attended the class and their kids joined them for a play at the resort.

This morning, Donal, Cathy and I went to Cathy Carr’s studio where we did a Christening, including a smoke healing and opening ceremony with Graham Johnson, and Brad Dwyer. We then practiced active meditation techniques together. I was sharing my variation on some of OSHO’s methods for getting monkey-minded people to relax. After we were done, we went to pick up Cathy and Donal’s boys, Ryan and Josh from their Steiner school. I got to visit their crafts class and watch them creating beautiful crafts. I’m amazed at the quality of the artistic expression in these kids of only 7-8 years of age!

Here you can see a sleep deprived, jet-lagged Paul teaching essential coaching principles to the lovely group of HLC 2 students that attended this year. Absolutely Lovely people! They could handle my jokes too!

The students really enjoy the beautiful environment of Myall Shores resort on their breaks. This place is full of wildlife of every type you can imagine!

There was a Kangeroo family with Daddy, Momma and Baby visiting every day just outside the conference center. They were amazing to watch and spend time with. They would let us get very close to them provided we were peaceful on our approach.

Here you can see a lovely shot of the baby Cathy caught while sharing space with these lovely beings.

The lake at Myall Shores is lovely. It is so clean I can swim with my eyes open and without goggles and I can see good and have no eye irritation. The water in the rooms is filtered from the lake. My room had a Jacuzzi tub and I got a lovely hot bath in the lake water, which helped me relax and sleep better.

Here you can see me beginning the teaching on how to use the tai-chi ruler exercise I learned from Master Fong Ha. I have Sarah in my arms, and I’m holding her as a mother would hold her child. By rocking her gently and adjusting the rhythm until she relaxes deeply, I can help her identify her primordial rocking rhythm. Once we have that rhythm, we know the rhythm we need to use to begin our tai-chi ruler exercise at so we can naturally drop into the state of no-mind.

I must admit, doing this exercise with Sarah was fun because she’s an amazing spirit with an amazingly beautiful temple as her body!so nice to hold onto! Thanks for sharing your loving presence Sarah!

Here you can see me teaching the class the tai-chi ruler exercise. The students really loved this exercise and my zen-Swing exercise. Several told me that they had experienced their first ever moment of deep, meditative stillness in their lives after these exercises. There was plenty of emotion rising to the surface in the class.

I love guiding people into natural emotional~mental healing through such simple, effective techniques. These methods, along with living my 4 doctors, have allowed me to never be sick in my entire professional career.

The beautiful man with the tattoo is Graham Johnson, who works with Cathy and Donal at Cathy’s studio. I enjoyed sharing with Graham. I could see he really had some deep questions and I hope that I could lead him inward so the could ask those questions of his own soul.

I feel that it’s much better to ask The Consciousness within when we have questions than it is to ask questions of others who may offer guidance inseparable from the social ego. Good Job Graham!

Here you can see Donall and I grooving to the chi-field.

Well, I’m getting closer to home every moment as you read unless of course, I’m already home!

If so, I’ll be laying out with my rocks and hopefully enjoying some of Vidya’s amazing food and company, and Penny’s beautiful love and presence too.

I look forward to sharing more with you as soon as I get a little rest!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek