July 22, 2010

Good vibrations!

Today I thought I’d share a book I’ve just read with you. The Cosmic Octave:Origin of Harmony Planets, Tones, Colors, The power of Inherent Vibrations, by Hans Cousto. This is an excellent, methodical book that explains the relationships between vibration and creation.

This book gives a variety of well thought out explanations for those in the healing profession with regard to how vibration-based therapies can be applied to chakras (energy centers) and meridians. There are numerous useful correlations that bring clarity to various ideas emergent of ancient religion, showing how the ancient wise-ones were able to come to conclusions via meditative practices that can now be proven with harmonics and mathematics.

This book will be particularly useful to those people that are left-brain dominant and have a tendency to function from a “show me” or “prove it” perspective instead of accessing their right-brain capabilities and showing or proving it to themselves!

I’ve always been amused by my students with outdated attitudes who resist connecting to my teachings if they don’t perceive them as tangible within their worldview. Yet, inevitably, when their fellow students are getting results they can’t, and they finally get brave enough to read the scientific references I provide, they usually end up experiencing an “Oh shit!” moment. Then and there, many realize how their dogma has produced both blindness, limiting their own growth, and how many of their clients they could have helped should they have been brave enough to maintain an open mind.

My personal approach to life is: 1) before judging a methodology as “right or wrong”, to simply observe and witness. If there are tangible results with any given approach, and if I don’t understand them, then 2) the exploration begins! I’ve had a great time in my life by “not knowing”, which opens the door to 3) “experiencing”. Only through my own experiences of the irrational, have I been able to convert the seemingly unexplainable into the explainable.

This beautiful little book will help anyone truly interested in the science of creation do just that! Let me know what you think?


Paul Chek